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Hidden Riches

Denise Pumain
Este artículo es una traducción de:
La richesse invisible

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1La Bourse (the stock exchange), always ready to latch onto values from whatever source, has undertaken to list images, logos, brand names—in short, virtual values, which opens the way for speculation on these symbols, thereby acknowledging the value of a reputation.

2Scientific journals, even those that grant free access to their publications, like Cybergeo, are not totally exempt from the logic of the marketplace. In the stock exchange of scientific values, the quality of a journal is measured by the richness of the contributions provided by its authors, and by the vigilant competence of its readers.Thanks to their common labour, what is transmitted over the Internet is quality information, at once tested and innovative.

3But the on-line reputation is also conveyed by an invisible but indispensable savoir-faire in the use of software. Among the metadata of the virtual are an inspired ability to keep up with technical innovations, a rigorous maintenance, and a concern for computer ergonomics and visual aesthetics. These hidden but precious qualities are behind the formidable success of the team of who created, a portal for scientific publications with a growing reputation.

4We have decided to join this efficient success story in a partnership in which will contribute its invaluable professional competence in putting material online, and Cybergeo its longer experience in multilingual publishing.

5Therefore, in a few weeks, Cybergeo will undergo another transformation, in the form of its attractive and efficient new design.  We hope that our readers will sense the hidden richness  in the task accomplished by these two teams who for over a year have been working towards this reorganization.  We offer grateful thanks here to all who have contributed to the effort!

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Denise Pumain

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