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‘On the Front Page’ – and Behind the Front Page, Quality! And New Releases

31 May 2007
Christine Kosmopoulos et Denise Pumain
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Sous la page, la qualité ! et les nouveautés…

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1This spring, Cybergeo has had a face-lift, for the third or fourth time in its long existence, since its birth in the last century, in 1996… Nothing has been changed as far as the editorial objectives are concerned: our priority remains to spread far and wide the gains and achievements of geographical research, with high standards, but without exclusivity, after validation by a multi-national committee.

2The new publications of the season are several series of articles of a living geography, in particular in Cybergeo Welcomes, on Street Themes, Public Spaces, Gated Communities, and Geomatics, or in the next few days the interview with the writer Michel Butor in the column E-topics.

  • 1  Thanks to the interoperability of the system (in conformity with the OAI protocol :  The Open Arch (...)

3And always, behind the page, quality: by joining the federation, the official gateway to journals in the Human and Social Sciences of the CNRS in the context of the Très Grand Equipement Adonis (the Great Adonis Equipment), Cybergeo provides the innovation of a multilingual journal, while at the same time improving its visibility1.

4The quality is also the ergonomics of the new page layout, in conformity with the criteria for good practice on the Web as defined by the Obquast project, in keeping with the norms of  the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), and widely available to the handicapped.  From now on you can discover current news in the journal by using the RSS Flow easily spotted on every page.

5Interoperability, accessibility, portability, permanence, lower costs, all these represent technical achievements that remain invisible to most researchers, but which are imperative for achieving a quality journal on the Web: ‘on the front page’, behind the front page, to work with collective intelligence towards the success of your pages.

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1  Thanks to the interoperability of the system (in conformity with the OAI protocol :  The Open Archives Initiative), we are represented in many international bibliographical databases, including DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals), SCOPUS, Google Scholar, OAISTER and SUDOC, and in 2008 we will be indexed in HALSHS and the FRANCIS database.

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