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The present site is the fruit of a collaborative effort of over a year between Cybergeo and The whole set of publications since the creation of the journal in 1996 is presented on the site.  

We would like to thank personally all those who had a role in bringing this project to completion.

As director of the project:

Christine Kosmopoulos, with the collaboration of Marin Dacos ( and Nancy Murzilli (

For putting the texts in their final form :

Corinne Cassé (, Fabien Dugal (CNRS-UMR 8504), Sylvanie Godillon (student), Sylvain Lesage (, Gaële Lesteven (student), Delphine Mangin (, Sylvie Marchal (CNRS-INIST)

For the technical execution of the project :

Christophe Bonijol (Webmaster at

For the graphic design:  

Jean Paul Augry, Mikaël Cixous (

For integrating our favorite sites in the Album:

Jean-Christophe Peyssard (

As well as:

Nathalie Blanc, Renaud Hager, Jérôme Monnet, Liliane Lizzi, Nicolas Verdier and more generally the team of

Cybergeo is a partner of theL'Album des sciences sociales, a catalog of scientific resources on the web, and of Calenda, a calendar of the scientific events

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