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Cybergeo and interactivity

12 february 1999
Denise Pumain
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Cybergeo et l'interactivité

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1As you can see: Cybergeo has changed. The home page now includes a banner indicating the most recent publications - within the last two weeks - that have appeared in each feature. So you can see straight away where there's something new.

2In the "Cybergeo Welcomes" feature, for example, you will already find papers from a symposium on the cultural problems of large cities. One theme here is multiculturalism, for cities are the principal settings of multicultural practices and theories, the focus for confrontation and integration, cross-cultural creation and assimilation. Culture in this sense is increasingly treated as a commodity, and instead of the old distinction between high and low culture, today there is a diversity that embraces the development of cultural patrimony, live attractions, creative activities … Present too are commerce and politics, now that marketing and urban promotion have harnessed culture as a tool for urban renewal and for constructing new identities for internal or external consumption. Cybergeo invites you to discover how these topics are being examined in differents parts of the world. And don't forget that a debate on cultural geography is still open in our "hot stuff" feature and waiting for your contributions.

3Cybergeo plans to launch other debates in the coming weeks: what geographers (and others) have to say about the consequences for political territories of the formation of the European Union and the mergers of large corporations as part of globalization. Related themes are the weakening of frontiers, the emergence of new fragmentations of territories, the predicted decline of the Nation State, the move back to local communities… Let us have your reactions!

4Cybergeo's "New features" will soon be carrying more information about the work of geographical research laboratories. A hypertext document about the concepts of geography, coordinated by Bernard Elissalde, is being progressively be put on-line. Here too Cybergeo welcomes your suggestions. In a word: (inter) act !

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