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I. Présentations monographiques et micro-régionales

La fosse du deuxième âge du Fer des Estanyols (Pia, Pyrénées-Orientales)

Jérôme BÉNÉZET and Céline JANDOT


Since the 1990’s, considerable development of preventive archeology has invested much more broadly rural areas. Among all vestiges observed, a particular type of pit appears regularly. However, despite new evidence collected, especially during the excavation of such a fine structure on the site des Estanyols (Pia, 66), put into perspective with other pits identified in the Roussillon plain, its function remains unclear. Similarly, the relationship it may have with the habitat is still poorly understood, although several indices suggest that it can be part of the ancillary equipment of some protohistoric rural settlements.

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Electronic reference

Jérôme BÉNÉZET and Céline JANDOT, « La fosse du deuxième âge du Fer des Estanyols (Pia, Pyrénées-Orientales)  », Documents d’archéologie méridionale [Online], 36 | 2013, Online since 19 January 2016, connection on 25 March 2023. URL : ; DOI :

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