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Diasporas is a history journal, with a policy of multidisciplinary openness. Created in 2002, under the dual sign of history and sociology, since 2014 it has recast its disciplinary remit and its ambitions, shifting from the strapline "History and society" to "Circulations, migrations, history".

Diasporas indeed intends to participate in epistemological reflections and debates conducted, for two decades, around a term with flexible contours and multiple uses. Not to propose a static and closed definition, but rather to explore its polysemy, its centralised or decentralised appropriations, and to work on it in contact with other themes such as migrations and minorities. In this broad research field, the ambition is to continue fertilising works by opening up reflections on circulations, networks, social and territorial dynamics, to approach circulations in particular as a way of re-questioning history and, to some extent, to put it back into motion.

Finally, the affirmation of diachrony aims to re-focus on diasporas and migrations in a long-term history setting, from Antiquity to the contemporary era, conducting a dialogue between the different historical periods and the different cultural areas.

Diasporas is a biannual peer-reviewed journal published by the Presses univeritaires du Midi (PUM) and accessible on It is co-directed by Isabelle Lacoue-Labarthe (Institut d'Études Politiques de Toulouse) and Laure Teulières (Université Toulouse 2-Jean-Jaurès), co-directors of the publication.

The articles are historiographical summaries presenting the state of research or case studies. They are published in French or English. Each issue generally includes a main thematic dossier, texts in varia, the presentation of research projects or scientific events, and book reviews.

Contact: revue.diasporas[at]

Contract and copyright

Upon signature of the agreement, the author grants to the journal the non exclusive right to publish the Work in paper and digital format.

The contract is available in annex.

Filing in open archives

Diasporas authorizes the author to upload the final version of the manuscript accepted for publication on open archive platforms (HAL) with the CC license of his/her choice, mentioning the URL of the article on OpenEdition Journals or of the journal.

The journal does not allow the author to disseminate the full-text PDF/editorial version in open archives and on social and academic networks.

The declaration of open access publishing policies is underway on Mir@bel.

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