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Founded in 2004 and published by the Université de Lille 3, Dictynna focuses on reflections and analysis into Latin poetics and the very notion of literature – reflexive or referential literature, the status of the work in the city, etc. It examines literary genre, narrative techniques, modes of representing the real, cultural fields such as myth, religion, morality, the State, and literary reception and its effects.​​

Latest issue
17 | 2020

Editor's notes

Ce numéro de revue rassemble quelques unes des contributions qui ont été présentées lors du premier congrès européen de l'International Ovidian Society, qui s'est tenu à la Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa du 18 au 19 juin 2019. 

Pour en savoir plus sur l'International Ovidian Society: Alison Keith - Founding the Internation al Ovidian Society.

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