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The e-journal Discours publishes studies on all forms of linguistic expression which contribute to discourse cohesion and discourse structure. It is a forum for exchanging and comparing data, analyses and opinions for all linguists, psycholinguists and computer linguists working in these areas.

Work published

The studies we publish are concerned with linguistic expressions or constructions of all types, and set out to show how these expressions fit into the sentence and text segment(s) in which they appear, how they are linked to preceding text and how they influence the form and content of subsequent text.

[Nota bene : The articles submitted for publication must be original texts, that is to say, the manuscripts should not have been published previously.]

Discours provides a platform for

- descriptive analyses of a given language (in synchrony or diachrony), or comparative studies undertaken in a typological perspective. We favour corpus-based analyses (oral or written corpora, of all genres and types) but do not exclude other, more classical approaches;

- experimental approaches based on behavioural or neuro-imaging data, and which throw light on mechanisms at work in real-time production and understanding of discourse;

- studies on natural language processing, on knowledge engineering and document engineering which are related to text and discourse processing, for such purposes as data extraction, semantic annotation and document navigation.

Discours also publishes more general studies on the modelling of linguistic changes, acquisition processes and discourse production/interpretation phenomena. Theories or models proposed should endeavour to show how regularities observed in the use of given markers at sentence level can lead over time to more restricted uses and become grammaticalised. Other issues this journal wishes to investigate are the division of documents into units of composition and processing (and their identification and configuration), the semantic values which can be assigned to them, and the links they share or instantiate.

Article submission and evaluation

Discours is a biannual journal; issues are non-thematic. Articles are either in English or in French, with abstracts in both languages. Each submission is double-blind peer reviewed by two or even three independent referees. Some of the referees are members of the Scientific Committee, the other consists of outside Referees (see the non exhaustive list of acknowledgements on page “Oustide referees)

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