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Droit et Cultures is an interdisciplinary journal focussing on legal phenomena. The idea of law and rights only has a meaning in relationship to a system of values, norms and cultures revealing dynamic forms of social and societal organisation. The diversity of cultures and social, political and legal structures invites us to rethink models, categories and classifications. The challenge of Droit et Cultures is to avoid the reduction of law to a single narrative and to promote a plural reading of cultural phenomena. This involves understanding the presentations, discursive practices and behaviour of its actors.

Latest issue
85 | 2023/1
Le tatouage face au droit : de la littérature aux pratiques sociales

Tattooing and the Law: From Literature to Social Practices
Edited by Anne Chassagnol and Brigitte Friant-Kessler

This dossier takes as its starting point literary studies of works linked to tattooing one way or another. More precisely though, the articles intend to broaden the field of investigation by adopting a transdisciplinary and culturalist approach. The aim is to combine the approaches of legal historians with those of lawyers specialising in intellectual property, and to offer a reflection on the way in which the law deals with the protection of tattooed bodies as works of art. Tattoos in collections or exhibits raise questions about the aesthetic and ethical aspects of the treatment of skins and bodies. For a better apprehension of the legal dimension of tattooing as an act of body modification, from the perspective of both tattooed individuals and professionals, this dossier also raises broader issues such as those that arise in terms of autonomy, particularly in the context of disability.

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