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Guidelines for authors

1. Field of investigation

The vocation of this review Dynamiques environnementales is to publish recent and original work in the fields of physical geography, geomorphology and the environment. Our view is to emphasize the dynamics of the natural world and their interaction with societies with a view to understanding environmental dynamics. However, the editors are also keen to remain open to other disciplines especially where they interact with our main themes.

The articles that are published by the review are based on both classical approaches like field work but we also wish to give space to methodological considerations, and also comparative and / or quantitative studies particularly through examining the cartography of natural milieux.

The review also welcomes contributions that are educational and for the general reader and these are gathered together in an educational booklet at the end of each issue. Our aim here is to promote and spread general overview articles which can help both the experienced researcher as well as the student.

2. Aims

The principal readership of this review is the academic community (researchers, lecturers, students and so on). But also those professionals who are interested in the topic of the physical environment, as well as the greater public interested in these issues.

The main language of the review is French and the review is distributed widely in French speaking countries. However, contributions are welcome in other languages, especially English. The international nature of scientific research explains our request that each text in French be accompanied by a summary in English and for those who wish, they can supply an extended two page summary in English or another language.

3. Guidelines for authors

Dynamiques environnementales publishes articles, notes or reviews of publications or any other paper that conforms to editorial policy. The abstracts, key words, titles and captions of illustrations (figures, tables, photos) must be written in two languages (French and English). A short version is requested containing the main references quoted in the articles, in French if the article is in English. French speaking are strongly advised to have their text in English checked by a native speaker of English before they send it to the editorial committee.

4. Preparation of the article

The manuscript should be about 15-20 pages, in length, for a total of 50,000 characters, plus the figures. It should contain a reasonable number of figures. The style sheet details are presented opposite. Preference will be given to short titles and you are requested to number the paragraphs as shown in the example. The title of the article is followed by its translation in English and this is followed by the first name (in full) and the surname (lower case) of the author(s). An asterisk indicates a footnote giving the research group or institution and the e-mail address . Then come the short summaries and the key words followed by the mandatory abridged version for articles in English.

5. Illustrations

Tables, figures and photographs, numbered and with a title, must be supplied as separate files, .jpg for pictures and .ai for figures and tables. Titles and captions are given together at the end of the text, in the language of the article and in italics for their translation.

Maps and sketches must have a metric scale, an orientation and in some cases the latitude and longitude

After the article has been accepted the editorial committee will send out final recommendations about formatiing the manuscript and about any other corrections that may be needed.

Supplementary colour illustrations are at the author’s expense.

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