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Ethical Charter

Dynamiques Environnementales - Journal international des géosciences et de l’environnement exists to publish original articles on any theme corresponding to the editorial lines of the journal: specifically, the interaction between Man and milieu is central to each study or manuscript and is presented by way of a systematic approach.

The journal does not allow formatted articles to be deposited in open archives and the author is not allowed to republish his/her articles elsewhere. The editorial contract comprises an exclusive ceding of authorial rights to the journal, whether published on paper or electronically.

In order to guarantee respect for intellectual property, the journal has a policy of detecting plagiarism by online detection programs.

Authors are not paid and the review does not charge for the submission or publication of articles. No charge is made of an author except when he or she wishes to attach a figure outside the text in a format larger than A3, when he or she must meet the cost of printing and inclusion in the issue in which his or her article is published (in the case of the paper version only).

Dynamiques Environnementales - Journal international des géosciences et de l’environnement is regulated by the licence Creative Commons : Attribution – Non Commercial – Non Derivatives 4.0 International.

1. Respect for intellectual property

The author or the representative co-author (in the case of a collaborative work) of a text submitted to Dynamiques Environnementales - Journal international des géosciences et de l’environnement must authorize the journal to publish his article or manuscript (and appendices) under a contract ceding rights in his/her name and in the names of his/her co-authors. By virtue of the cultural, scientific and educational nature of the journal the contract states that the cession of authorial rights is made without payment. The text submitted must be original and the illustrations free of copyright. if the observations and data are not original and personal, borrowings from earlier personal works or the works of other authors – including grey literature – must be duly indicated (citation rights) and/or be the subject of an authorization of use from the owners of elements that are used.

The author or representative co-author must present a text free of all issues of plagiarism or counterfeiting (paragraphs copied from another author, phrases or illustrations – photographs, figures, sketches, maps, images, … – copied without indi- cating exactly and with the agreement of the borrowing’s author precise references and sources, pirated data…). He/she must also guarantee that the illustrations (maps, figures, photographs) are original or that their reproduction has been authorized by their author(s), their copyholder(s) or their publisher (written authorisations should be forwarded to Dynamiques Environnementales). The source of illustrations must be clearly indicated in the text of the caption.

2. The journal’s commitment

The journals Dynamiques Environnementales - Journal international des géosciences et de l’environnement undertakes to:

  • Have the manuscripts proposed assessed by peers and recognised experts not belonging to the journal’s editorial team in the disciplinary fields of each article, and always in accordance with the journal’s editorial line, using this procedure: each article is anonymized and evaluated at least three times, by two external assessors, by the coordinator(s) of the issue, as well as by one of the editorial team. The articles are then sent, either by the journal or by the coordinator, to two assessors from the journal’s committees or to two external experts (according to speciality, disciplinary field or language). A synthesis of the reports is sent to the main author of the article being evaluated. According to whether it is accepted by the assessors (outside the editorial team) or refused, the article, amended by the authors, again goes to the first assessors and a member of the editorial team and/or to the coordinator of the issue.

  • To present an exact list of the members of the scientific management, of the reading committee and of the scientific committee, together with their affiliation, and to guarantee the recognition of the latter in the fields covered by the disciplinary fields and the scope of the journal.

  • To present information bearing on authorial rights and associated licences, clearly described and indicated.

  • To take reasonable measures to identify and prevent the publication of documents containing errors, and , in the case of plagiarism, misuse of quotations, falsification or fabrication of data… The journal discourages such misconduct and does not knowingly condone such behaviour. if the journal is informed of any allegation of this kind the journal will follow the directions of COPE ( or of any equivalent organisation in determining such an issue.

  • To avoid any misunderstanding of the function of the journal by way of a focus and a name which is Dynamiques Environnementales - Journal international des géosciences et de l’environnement.

  • To present clearly all commercial activity, the tariffs of each number and the subscriptions of all the journal’s assets, as well as its institutional and organisational supports, as appropriate. The journal will also publicise the timetable of its appearance.

  • To present clearly all commercial activity, naming publicists and distributors.

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