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e-Migrinter is an electronic review founded in 2008 by members of Migrinter laboratory. As a review of laboratory, e-Migrinter mainly publishes case file proposed by researchers and PhD students who work or have worked with the UMR 7301 Migrinter and about international migration.

The journal is composed of two parts: the first, subject to a peer conferencing, comes in the form of a thematic file constitute by contributions from several authors; the second, entitled "Laboratory Life (Vie du Labo)" is intended to inform readers of the science dynamic in the laboratory through articles and notes describing seminars, thesis, publication of recent books (under "Reading Notes”), etc. ...

Thematic files

Each issue proposal is coordinated by one or more persons, it is then proposed to the editorial board in the form of blurb. After the committee accepted the file, it is integrated with editorial programming (minimum maturity of one year).

Then, the editorial secretary and the editor are responsible for distributing the articles to members of the editorial and scientific committees for scientific evaluation. After rereading the scientific secretary read and also annotates articles which are then returned to the authors for approval of proposed corrections via the coordinator (the only one to be in direct contact with the authors). Articles returned to the scientific secretary are again proofread by its members and by the editor before publication.

We also accept individual articles on the topic of migration which are then placed in a section “Varia”, following the file section. However, unless specifically call, we do not publish Varia file.

The "Living Lab" (Vie du Labo)

The editorial secretary and the editor are responsible for the selection and proofreading articles of headings "Labo Life (Vie du Labo)" and "Reading Notes (Notes de Lecture)".

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