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10 | 2013
Genre et imbrication des rapports de domination dans les médias des minorités ethniques

Gender and the intertwining of relations of domination in ethnic minority media

This issue is the outcome of the international colloquium on “Ethnic minority media, between hegemony and resistance?” organised in March 2010 by the Minoritymedia team at the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme et de la Société (Research Centre for Human and Social Sciences -MSHS) in Poitiers. Through a reflection rooted in the intersection of the sociology of journalism, discourse analysis and cultural studies, this issue offers a gendered analysis of these media and their relationship to hegemonic ideologies and practices, with the aim of advancing our understanding of the linkages between gender and ethnicity in a particular journalistic space, in different national contexts and at a historical moment where colonial and patriarchal imprints are still very much present.

Editor's notes

L'équipe de rédaction pour ce numéro était :

  •     Rédacteur en chef : Cédric Audebert ;
  •     Secrétaire de rédaction :Mickaël Quintard ;
  •     Mise en page : Carole Tardif.
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