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15 | 2023
La presse de langue arménienne en France et la création d'un espace transnational

The Armenian-Language Press in France and the Creation of a Transnational Space

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22 x 14,5 cm, 272 p.

Since the first published titles in 19th century France, the French-Armenian-language press has both chronicled the history of the community there and articulated a dual sense of belonging to the country of residence and the Armenian nation. This special issue presents case studies of various press titles published in Armenian in France throughout the 20th century. Three of them focus on the transnational strategies developed by the press organs of political groups or parties (articles by Lerna Ekmekcioglu, Sophie Toulajian and Vahé Tachjian), while the texts by Tork Dalalyan and Janine Bedrossian look more specifically at the issue of preserving and revitalising the Armenian language and culture. A long interview with Krikor Beledian on neologisms in the Armenian press, and more particularly in the Armenian-language press published in France, provides a more global perspective.

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