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Founded in 2013, Études arméniennes contemporaines is a bi-annual academic journal that examines contemporary issues directly and indirectly related to Armenia. Published in French and in English, the journal is multidisciplinary, and welcomes contributions from researchers from all the social sciences. It is especially interested in studies at the intersection of geography, history, politics, and culture in Armenia, the Caucasus, Turkey, and the Middle East. It also addresses thematic questions such as international relations, nationalism, diasporas, migrations, memory and patrimony, genocide studies and mass violence. Études arméniennes contemporaines is the first journal in the field of Armenian studies to be published simultaneously in electronic and print editions.

Latest issue
9 | 2017
Jerusalem in the Making: Spaces and Communities

La fabrique de Jérusalem : espaces et communautés en mouvement

In this new theme issue, Études arméniennes contemporaines publishes a selection of papers from the international conference The Making of Jerusalem: Constructed Spaces and Historic Communities (Jerusalem, Calouste Gulbenkian Library of St. James Monastery, 2-4 July 2014). In the following articles, space and community making are approached through the history of pilgrimages and travels, migrations and refugees, religious and national communities.

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