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Lilley Deborah, The New Pastoral in Contemporary British Writing

London and New York : Routledge, 2020
Emilie Walezak
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Deborah Lilley, The New Pastoral in Contemporary British Writing, London and New York : Routledge, 2020. 160 p.

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Ce document sera publié en ligne en texte intégral en juin 2021.

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The book offers a useful outline of contemporary debates on pastoral in its relation to environmental crisis. At the same time as she delineates a new panorama of contemporary British writing, both fictional and non-fictional, Lilley aims to establish the pastoral as a critical tool to broach changing perspectives on the environment in response to a ‘crisis of understanding’ (1). Lilley cites and condenses the reference works of American pastoral critics Leo Marx and Lawrence Buell and of British Terry Gifford while surveying the wide array of publications on the pastoral. She further connects them to the growing body of work in ecocriticism, referencing the seminal works of Timothy Morton, Greg Garrard, Timothy Clark or Ursual Heise. The book thus caters to the needs of students and scholars both in the field of literary studies and that of the environmental humanities. Lilley illustrates the emergence of this new pastoral writing, or what she calls ‘iterations’ of the pastoral (vi...

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Emilie Walezak, « Lilley Deborah, The New Pastoral in Contemporary British Writing »Études britanniques contemporaines [En ligne], 60 | 2021, mis en ligne le 01 juin 2021, consulté le 07 mai 2021. URL : ; DOI :

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Emilie Walezak

Université Lyon 2-Lumière

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