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Editorial Note

Tristan Bruslé, Stéphane Gros et Philippe Ramirez
p. 5-6

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1As announced in our previous editorial, the present issue is the last paper version of EBHR. The next issue (no. 56) will be published exclusively online. Providing a date is quite a gamble these days but we expect to have it out by next summer. EBHR’s dedicated website address will be widely distributed among the community as we release the issue and launch this new format.

2With this last printed issue, we would like to pay a special tribute to our colleagues at Social Science Baha who, under the direction of Deepak Thapa, have been responsible for EBHR’s layout and printing in Nepal since issue 27 (2004). Their rigour, promptness, patience and great kindness are to be commended. At this time, we are still unable to send the paper version of issue 54 to our subscribers, although it was printed a long time ago. This is due to the interruption of Nepal’s outbound postal services, and we have no leverage in this matter. We hope that the present issue will not suffer the same delay.

3The two articles that open this issue are an excellent illustration of the EBHR project since its inception: to report on the diversity of scholarship carried out in the region by giving space both to studies on current social developments and to works providing insight from the past. The journal must continue to promote and nurture social sciences that are firmly rooted in textual or ethnographic data. The Book Review section illustrates the liveliness and diversity of Himalayan studies and, more than ever, their openness to neighbouring areal studies.

4The online publication will broaden EBHR’s readership, attract even more contributions and significantly reduce publication time. It will also allow the use of new formats and types of content (image, audio, video) that we will soon detail in a forthcoming call for contributions. Another advantage of an online presence is to disseminate information faster and more efficiently, notably about events of relevance to Himalayan studies. This will restore the original role of EBHR, that of a ‘bulletin’ that would, as stated in the very first 1991 editorial, ‘keep us informed of current research and research opportunities in our field’. It kept the name ‘Bulletin’ even after becoming a fully-fledged scientific journal so as not to compromise an acronym that had become very familiar. We hope, however, that with the new medium EBHR will assume more than ever its original role of promoting exchanges in the Himalayan studies community.

5The Bulletin remains open to all proposals for articles, reviews, announcements and other contributions. We appeal both to our senior colleagues to continue the endeavour and to our younger colleagues already well represented in the last two issues and doctoral students to publish the results of their research on the Himalayas in the broadest sense and in the humanities and social sciences as a whole.

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Tristan Bruslé, Stéphane Gros et Philippe Ramirez, « Editorial Note »European Bulletin of Himalayan Research, 55 | 2020, 5-6.

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Tristan Bruslé, Stéphane Gros et Philippe Ramirez, « Editorial Note »European Bulletin of Himalayan Research [En ligne], 55 | 2020, mis en ligne le 01 septembre 2021, consulté le 26 mars 2023. URL : ; DOI :

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Tristan Bruslé

Editor, European Bulletin of Himalayan Research

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Stéphane Gros

Editor, European Bulletin of Himalayan Research

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Philippe Ramirez

Editor, European Bulletin of Himalayan Research

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