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Museums and Cultural Democracy: Dialogues and Tensions – until February 28, 2018

Editors: Lorena Sancho Querol, Daniel Reis, Elizabete Mendonça

Deadline for submission: 28 February 2018

Keywords: museums, cultural democracy, citizenship, intercultural dialogues

The purpose of this thematic volume is to bring together contributions to reflect on the potential uses and appropriations of museums in the promotion of cultural democracy and in the mediation of social and intercultural conflicts characterizing the contemporary world (Pruulmann-Vengerfeld & Runnel, 2014; Meijer-Van Mensch & Tietmeyer, 2013; Bauman 2009; Hall, 2006; Clifford, 1997).

Given the history of the field of museology and the recent multiplication of collections, projects and types of museums, we are interested in understanding what place museums can take in the construction of new democratic models (IAP2, 2015; Mendonça, 2015; Sancho Querol & Sancho, 2015; UNESCO, 2015; Reis, 2014), and how they can contribute to the exercise of an active citizenship that recognizes culture as a vital axis of development (Dessein et al., 2015; Lord & Lord, 2010) linked to the valuation of:

  1. Citizenship, with the guarantee of the right of access and management of its cultural references (Camarena Ocampo & Morales Lerch, 2009; Weil, 2002);

  2. Diversity, to nourish the recognition of forms of being and being local, their visibility, self-esteem and capacity for action (UNESCO 2008; Santos 2007);

  3. The Symbolic, which stimulates the creative, imaginative and appropriation processes (Fabre 2013; Geertz 2008);

  4. The Socio-economic dimension, which stimulates local and regional development (Mendonça, Neco & Nogueira 2015; Varine 2012; Duarte 2012; Karp, Kreamer & Levine 1992; Pearce 1992).

Through this publication, we seek to disclose projects, initiatives and studies that may contribute to the enlargement of concepts and practices associated with the world of museums, and that are fed from perspectives beyond those stipulated by the hegemonic neoliberal cultural policies that are currently being applied in many of our countries.

This thematic issue of the e-cadernos ces results from dialogues between three researchers linked to the Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra (Portugal), to the National Centre of Folklore and Popular Culture (Brazil), and to the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), and from the cross-fertilization of experiences between their current research projects in the fields of Museology and Cultural Democracy. It is also a result of Panel 051 “Museums and Cultural Democracy: Dialogues and tensions”, proposed for the VI Congress of the Portuguese Association of Anthropology, APA (held in June 2016), whose discussions and directions have been developing since the last APA Congress in 2013.

e-cadernos ces is a peer-reviewed, online and entirely open access journal, published by the Centre for Social Studies in Coimbra. The journal is currently indexed in CAPES, DOAJ, EBSCO, ERIH Plus e Latindex. For more information about this publication see

Texts should be presented in final version, in Portuguese, English, Spanish, or French. Manuscripts must not exceed 60,000 characters (with spaces), including notes and references. For the final section @cetera, other manuscripts may be submitted (up to 35,000 characters), such as interviews and discussions (up to 25,000 characters) or book reviews (up to 5,000 characters).

Detailed guidelines for submitting texts are available at Manuscripts should be sent by email to and authors should clearly identify the thematic issue in question – “Museums and Cultural Democracy”.

All manuscripts will go through a blind peer review process.

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