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Procedures for submitting and evaluating articles

Submitting an article

The text submitted in accordance with the instructions must be accompanied by a completed and signed certificate of deontology and respect for the law, sent as an annex to the journal's secretariat, EchoGeo[at]

The text may be submitted for publication in a specific EchoGéo section or in a dossier in the Sur le Champ section, in response to a call for articles (see EchoGéo's editorial line). The recipients of the text will then be, in addition to editorial directors, Serge Weber ([at], Jérôme Lombard (jerome.lombard[at] and journal's secretariat (EchoGeo[at]

  • for the Sur le vif section: Géraud Magrin, Geraud.Magrin[at], and Marie Redon, marie.redon[at], coordinators of the section.

  • for a thematic dossier in Sur le champ: the coordinators indicated in the call for articles.

  • for the Sur le métier section: Muriel Cote, muriel.cote[at], et Nathalie Fau, fau.nathalie[at], coordinators of the section

  • for the section Sur l'écrit: Annaig Oiry, annaig.oiry@[at], and, Jean-Marie Théodat, jean-marie.theodat[at], coordinators of the section,

  • for the Sur l'image section: Anaïs Marshall, anais.marshall[at], and Laëtitia Perrier Bruslé, laetitia.perrierbrusle[at], coordinators of the section.

You will then receive an acknowledgement of receipt from the secretariat.

Evaluation of a submitted article

All articles received are screened by Compilatio for plagiarism.

They are then pre-screened by the Editorial Board before being put up for review if they are favourable.

The evaluation procedure is a double-blind procedure. Articles are therefore evaluated by at least two readers identified by the Editorial Board and/or the coordinators of the dossier among French and foreign colleagues specialised in the theme or area to which the article refers.

The text is submitted for evaluation without mentioning the name of the author and the reviews are sent to the author without specifying the name of the reviewers. The corrected version will be at least proofread by those responsible for the dossier before it is put online.

In addition to a general evaluation, the critical review of an article includes a more technical assessment (scientific content, structure, concordance of title and text, illustrations, tables, documents, etc.). The evaluation form, available in Word format in the appendix, should be returned to the editorial secretariat (Karine Delaunay, ), which will contact the authors in agreement with the editorial committee.

Documents annexes

  • Evaluation Form (application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document – 14k)
  • Declaration of ethics (application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document – 26k)
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