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Économie publique/Public economics is a refereed journal, in french or english. It published two issues per year. The journal has been created in 1998 by the Institut d'Économie Publique (IDEP) which was initiated by the GREQAM, an economics research unit based in Marseille (France).

The journal fits entirely within the two broad missions of the Institute namely encouraging the production of research of the highest quality in public economics and contributing to a better mutual insertion of academic research and real world public decision making.

In order to reach these two goals, the journal has put in place a new editorial structure which divides the published papers into three broad categories: "Overview" which usually contains a survey article or an interview with a high level public decision maker, "Symposium" which contains two or three papers on a specific theme which are preceded by an introductory article, "Articles" which gathers standard submitted academic papers which have been accepted for publication, after referee process.

The journal ceased publication after issue 28-29 | 2012.

Latest issue
28-29 | 2012/1-2

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