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38 | 2012
L’éducation à l’information, aux TIC et aux médias : le temps de la convergence ?

Cultural Literacy, Information Literacy, and Media Literacy: The Time for Convergence?
Edited by Vincent Liquète, Éric Delamotte and Françoise Chapron
Études de Communication 38 - Couverture
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Credits : L’éducation à l’information, aux TIC et aux médias : le temps de la convergence ?
ISBN 978-2-917562-07-9

Today, the right to information and the ability to use it have become educational concerns on an international scale. Necessary to the productivity of companies, the advancement of individuals in the “information society” and to democratic life, mastering information continues to be recommended by international agencies as a new human right (UNESCO, IFLA, and Council of Europe). But the problem of information literacy or culture informationnelle, as the expression is formulated in the francophone community, is embedded in extremely diverse realities and sectors. This reality raises questions of the territory of information literacy, in particular with respect to cultural approaches associated with the digital domain (computer literacy) or with the media (media literacy) such that the current era seems to be one of an initial culmination, but also of restructuring. The journal’s next thematic issue will therefore focus on the theoretical dimensions and issues of practical questions while broadening the field of study of cultural literacy to include the concept of “transliteracy.”

Editor's notes

Comité de lecture du numéro 38 (dossier) : Claude Baltz (Paragraphe - Université Paris 8), Eric Bruillard (STEF - ENS Cachan), Patrice de la Broise (GERiiCO - Université Lille 3), Divina Frau-Meigs (CREW - Université de Paris 3 Nouvelle Sorbonne), Vassilis Komis (Université de Patras - Grèce), Susan Kovacs (GERiiCO - Université Lille 3), Donatella Lombello (Université de Padoue - Italie), Yolande Maury (GERiiCO - Université Lille 3), Daniel Peraya (Université de Genève - Suisse), Jacques Perriault (Université Paris 10), Jacques Piette (Université de Sherbrooke - Canada), Manuel Pinto (Université de Braga - Portugal), Alexandre Serres (URFIST de Rennes - Université de Rennes 2), Thierry de Smedt (Université catholique de Louvain la Neuve - Belgique).

Comité de lecture du numéro 38 (varias) : Thomas Guignard (Paris 13), Annie Lenoble-Bart (Bordeaux 3), Chérifa Boukacem (Lyon 1), Ghislaine Chartron (CNAM), Isabelle Gavillet (Metz), Béatrice Damian-Gaillard (Rennes 1), Gersende Blanchard (Lille 3), Dominique Bessières (Champagne-Ardennes).