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Nine Questions for James S. Amelang

James Amelang et Danièle Tosato-Rigo


Interview of James S. Amelang by Danièle Tosato-Rigo

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Ce document sera publié en ligne en texte intégral en mai 2019.

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1. Both microhistory and egodocuments have received much attention recently. However, the same cannot be said regarding the question of the relations between them, which strike many observers as promising yet uncertain. Would you agree ?

There are many reasons to think of egodocuments – a particular type of historical source – and microhistory – a particular approach to or technique for framing historical research and writing – as fitting together closely. That said, if one surveys the major microhistories written to date, it is easy to get the impression that relatively few of them resort to egodocuments as their principal source. In other words, the fit between the two may be « natural », but it is hardly a given. And in any event, the question is not so much the snugness of their fit, but the ease with which historians can promote a synergy between them. When brought together by a talented and imaginative historian, they can promote forward movement, which is what we all should be...

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James Amelang et Danièle Tosato-Rigo, « Nine Questions for James S. Amelang », Études de lettres [En ligne], 1-2 | 2016, mis en ligne le 01 mai 2019, consulté le 17 janvier 2019. URL : ; DOI : 10.4000/edl.888

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James Amelang

Universidad autónoma de Madrid

Danièle Tosato-Rigo

Université de Lausanne

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