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Dossier : pratiques fondées sur la preuve, preuves fondées sur la pratique ?

Evidence-Based Practice Meets Improvement Science

Robert E. Slavin
p. 45-48

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Anthony Bryk is one of the most thoughtful and articulate theorists of education improvement anywhere. In his 2014 AERA Distinguished Lecture, published in the Educational Researcher (Bryk, 2015), he lays out his critique of current strategies for improving schools at scale. His purpose is to propose a “third paradigm” for school improvement. The first, often called standards-based reform, consists of the use of standards, assessments, and central regulations to manage the practices and policies of state and local school leaders. Flowing from this perspective are policies such as governance reforms, value added assessments, teacher evaluation reforms, and generic instructional coaching. Bryk rightly calls such strategies “solutionitis,” and commentators have for decades noted how most of these strategies are oversold, under-implemented, and soon replaced, either because they are perceived to have failed, o...

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Robert E. Slavin, « Evidence-Based Practice Meets Improvement Science », Éducation et didactique, 11-2 | 2017, 45-48.

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Robert E. Slavin, « Evidence-Based Practice Meets Improvement Science », Éducation et didactique [En ligne], 11-2 | 2017, mis en ligne le 06 décembre 2017, consulté le 24 mai 2018. URL :

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Robert E. Slavin

Johns Hopkins University

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