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The Quest for Measurement

(and Meaning-Making’s Escape)
Timothy Koschmann
p. 143-146

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Pratiques et preuves
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They say that recognizing that we have a problem is half the battle and, if this is true, Anthony Bryk is definitely halfway home. He argues that educational reform efforts over the past two decades have failed to meet expectations for a variety of reasons including: hasty implementations, inadequate attention to how the reforms should be put into practice, failure to supply essential resources, and the emergence of unintended and possibly perverse consequences of the reform itself. Most of these problems have been acknowledged before, but effective solutions have yet to be seen. Bryk, as a result, turns to the quality improvement movement in healthcare for a way forward. Medicine, he reports, has greatly benefited from applying an “improvement science” (p. 469) approach and suggests that similar benefits might accrue to programs designed to advance educational practice. His AERA lecture is short on detail...

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Timothy Koschmann, « The Quest for Measurement », Éducation et didactique, 11-3 | 2017, 143-146.

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Timothy Koschmann, « The Quest for Measurement », Éducation et didactique [En ligne], 11-3 | 2017, mis en ligne le 31 décembre 2017, consulté le 16 octobre 2019. URL :

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Timothy Koschmann

PhD, Department of Medical Education
Southern Illinois University

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