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The Relevance of Improvement Research to Mathematics Education

Paul Cobb
p. 129-132

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Bryk (2015) gives an overview of an approach for improving schooling and students’ learning on a large scale that integrates improvement science methods adapted from medicine and other fields with networked communities of researchers and practitioners who collaborate to address a common problem. As will become apparent, I see considerable value in the improvement research approach that Bryk proposes but argue that it is important to be clear about the types of problems for which the approach is appropriate. As a background, I should clarify that I have been involved for the last ten years or so in work that seeks to address the issue of what it takes to improve the quality of mathematics teaching and learning on a large scale. The details of this work are not important for the purposes of this commentary, but I will draw on some of our findings in order to clarify several of the points I make.

As Bryk obser...

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Paul Cobb, « The Relevance of Improvement Research to Mathematics Education », Éducation et didactique, 12-1 | 2018, 129-132.

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Paul Cobb, « The Relevance of Improvement Research to Mathematics Education », Éducation et didactique [En ligne], 12-1 | 2018, mis en ligne le 20 août 2018, consulté le 22 janvier 2019. URL :

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Paul Cobb

Vanderbilt University

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