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Comment on Anthony S. Bryk; ‘Accelerating how we learn to improve’

Tim Ingold
p. 133-136

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I have to admit that the idea of ‘improvement science’, which I had not encountered before reading this article, induced in me something of a shudder. But that is probably because I associate improvement with the patronising imposition of regimes of one sort or another, by people who assume superior knowledge or expertise, upon those who are supposed to know less. And my sense is that this is precisely what Anthony Bryk is arguing against. Though I find some of his language off-putting, his idea of education as a process in which everyone is working together, for the ultimate benefit of future generations, is one to which I would fully subscribe. If this is not happening now, or only with limited success, it must be for three reasons. The first lies in the uncoordinated proliferation of ‘experts’ who are simultaneously regaling teachers with often contradictory advice on what to do. The second lies in an o...

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Tim Ingold, « Comment on Anthony S. Bryk; ‘Accelerating how we learn to improve’ », Éducation et didactique, 12-1 | 2018, 133-136.

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Tim Ingold, « Comment on Anthony S. Bryk; ‘Accelerating how we learn to improve’ », Éducation et didactique [En ligne], 12-1 | 2018, mis en ligne le 20 août 2018, consulté le 22 janvier 2019. URL :

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Tim Ingold

University of Aberdeen

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