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Text selection methodology

Each issue of the Journal revolves around a specific topic, chosen by the journal Editorial Committee that closely monitors recent research on the contemporary family (e.g., individuation, democratization of familial relationships, conjugal instability, aging, gender relationships). Each issue is assembled by one or more Guest Editors from Canada or abroad and contains papers from a variety of disciplines and countries. Only previously unpublished papers are selected.

Manuscripts submitted to EFG are accepted or rejected based on the recommendation of editors and the Editorial Committee after blind evaluation by at least two external reviewers.

The Editorial Committee is responsible for selecting the theme of the number. All manuscripts are accepted or refused in line with the recommendation issued by the Editorial Committee and the Guest Editors, following a "blind" evaluation by two or more outside readers. The evaluation criteria include: the interest and originality of the subject; the quality of the conceptual framework, of the methodology and documentation used, the quality of the style and of the language, together with the overall structure of the article.

The journal also publishes open-topic articles that undergo the same process, and books review selected by the Editorial Board.

Additionally, the following publication and assessment rules are applicable to all numbers:

  • Authors who submit manuscripts may not evaluate another manuscript intended for the same number.

  • Guest Editors draft the introduction to the theme number, but may not publish any article therein in the separate capacity of author or co-author.

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