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Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

The EJAS publishes original, innovative research in American studies. We encourage submissions by European and international scholars in order to bring transatlantic and transnational perspectives to the field.

The EJAS editorial board is fully committed to the principles of ethical academic publishing and conduct. Our policies align with the Core Practices established by COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics).

The EJAS requires potential contributors to submit original work that has not been published or submitted elsewhere. Multiple submissions are not allowed. The double blind peer review process ensures fair, impartial and professional evaluation.

Authors must comply with the standards of academic integrity and must appropriately cite their sources. By submitting an article to the EJAS, an author declares that it represents their own original work, that all sources have been cited in accordance with academic standards and that, to the best of their knowledge, the work contains no factual errors. In the case of multiple authors, each author must briefly describe his or her own contribution. Any financial aid (for example national or international research grants, scholarships) that supported the writing of the article must also be acknowledged. Authors should comply with the recommendations of the reviewers, should consider all suggestions in earnest, and should follow the editors’ instructions throughout the review, editing and publishing process. All errors must be corrected as soon as authors become aware/are informed of them.

Editors will ensure that all possible conflicts of interest have been eliminated from the process of manuscript evaluation. They will not disclose any details concerning the identity of the author to the reviewers to ensure that publication decisions are made solely on the basis of scholarly merit.

Reviewers will provide an objective and fair assessment of the article according to the highest standards of academic quality and integrity, and they should communicate any concerns they have about the originality of the research.

Policies with Respect to Malpractice

All suspicions of malpractice should be made known in writing to the section editors. All confirmed cases of author malpractice will result in the immediate withdrawal of the article from the peer review process or, if the article has already been published, in the immediate retraction of the article from the EJAS, with notification of the author. Confirmed cases of an editor’s/reviewer’s academic misconduct will result in the immediate termination of the editor’s/reviewer’s collaboration with the EJAS.

When necessary, the EJAS will publish corrections, clarifications as well as retractions and apologies in order to honor the editors’ commitment to academic and editorial integrity.

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