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Special Issue: The North-West Pacific in the 18th and 19th Centuries

Editorial Note
Giles Scott-Smith

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1The texts in this Special Issue represent an interesting combination, covering as they do two contrasting historical studies of the North West Pacific: the sweeping ambitions of Russian imperial designs on the western coast of North America, and the closely-observed ethnographic studies of native peoples in that region by the Norwegian explorer Johan Jacobsen. I hope that the publication of these articles further confirms the value of EJAS as a portal for innovative research on North America from different national backgrounds and study fields.

2The article by Andrei Grinev was originally published in Russian in Voprosy istorii (Questions of History), 3 (2009): pp. 48-65. The translation of the original article was done by Dr Richard Bland of the University of Oregon.

3The notation ‘A.G.’ in the text refers to additional information added by the author.

4The articles by Johan Jacobsen were also translated from their original German by Dr Bland. The originals were published as follows:

5‘The Kosiyut Society’ appeared as ‘Der Kosiyut-Bund der Bella-Coola-Indianer,’ Das Ausland: Wochenschrift für Erd- und Völkerkunde 65(1892): pp. 437-441.

6‘Secret Societies’ appeared as ‚Geheimbünde der Küstenbewohner Nordwest-America’s,’ in Zeitschrift für Ethnologie 23 (1891): pp. 383–395.

7‘The Second Type of Secret Society’ appeared as ‚Der zweite Typus der Geheimbünde bei den Nordwest-Americanern,’ Zeitschrift für Ethnologie 26 (1894): pp. 104–115.

8 The notation ’J.A.J.’ in the notes of these articles refers to an original note from Jacobsen. The notation ’Translator’ refers to an added comment by Dr Bland.

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Giles Scott-Smith, “Special Issue: The North-West Pacific in the 18th and 19th Centuries”European journal of American studies [Online], 5-2 | 2010, document 1, Online since 18 February 2010, connection on 27 May 2022. URL:; DOI:

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