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1This bibliography lists book-length publications in English, over the last 25 years, by European scholars of American Studies whose native language is not English. Its elements were provided by the national and joint-national associations constituting the European Association for American Studies.

2Thus far, it lists such academic work by EAAS members from Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republik, Greece, France, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Luxemburg, Romania, Slovakia, Spain and Switzerland. Information concerning German publications in American Studies can be found at

5The bibliography was devised for the benefit of Americanists the world over and will be updated as new publications occur.

6Its provisional makeshift categorization (in the following order : Biography, Culture, Economics, History, Literature, Political Science, Social Sciences, Miscellanea) is my sole responsibility.

7Books written by European Americanists in languages other than English are not listed.

8Marc Chénetier
President EAAS (2004-2008)



9van den BERG, Erik, Claim on Memory: A Political Biography of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr., 1914-1988 (PhD diss. University of Leiden, 2006).

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31CHEW, William L. III. A Bostonian Merchant Witnesses the Second French Revolution: James Price A Voyage and a Visit to France in 1792. Brussels: Center for American Studies, 1992, 49 pp. [An annotated critical edition, with introduction, of a previously unpublished mss. diary of an American business traveler who witnessed the storming of the Tuileries on August 10, 1792, and made extensive critical commentary on contemporary French politics. Includes extracts from his correspondence and travel accounts.]

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53GENNARO Lerda, Valeria , Edited with Roberto Maccarini. Canadian and American Women. Moving from Private to Public Experiences in the Atlantic World. Milano: Selene Edizioni, 2002. 329 pages, tables and bibliographies; ISBN 88-86267-74-b. The book features 16 contributions of historians on the role of women in Canada and the U.S. in professions, organizations and social life moving from the private to the public arena. For further information:

54GEORGOUDAKI, Ekaterini and PASTOURMATZI, Domna, eds, Women, Creators of Culture, Thessaloniki: HELAAS, 1997, 336 pages. Preface by Georgoudaki pp. 7-9. [A collection of essays by international contributors about Greek and American women’s contribution to politics, journalism, literature, painting and other fields from the time of Sappho to the present.]

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