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Symposia. The Reception of Peirce in the World


Rosa M. Calcaterra, Roberto Frega and Giovanni Maddalena

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1The symposium “Peirce in the World” is a homage that EJPAP wants to pay to the Centenary of the death of the great American thinker Charles S. Peirce, one of the founding fathers of pragmatism. The idea of the symposium stems from observing that Peirce studies are nowadays spread out all over the world, and the scholarship that comes from outside the US is becoming more and more important in breadth and depth. This phenomenon is possibly the greatest change that happened to Peirce scholarship in the last decades from the last big congress on Peirce, the Sesquicentennial International Congress held in Harvard 1989. The Centenary Congress “Invigorating Philosophy for the 21st Century,” which will be held in Lowell in July 2014 will display this worldwide new reality.

2We asked to some of the main figures of this story to tell how this huge movement took place, retracing all the steps back in time. Some of them decided to write the paper themselves, some decided to entrust younger scholars to this commitment in order to avoid the embarrassing situation of writing also about their own work. We left them free to decide the angle of the story from which they wanted to talk, and, except for a limited length, we did not impose any particular rule.

3The result is that you will find a peculiar but very interesting volume. If you read the whole series of these short contributions, you will see how the knowledge of Peirce grew over the years outside America according to a variety of philosophical sensibilities. It is a patchwork of interrelated stories that tells about the world community of inquirers. We think that Peirce would have loved this effort, even though it is only a little sketch. However, this sketch offers you a further scholarly perspective on the history of Peirce’s pragmatism.

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Rosa M. Calcaterra, Roberto Frega and Giovanni Maddalena, IntroductionEuropean Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy [Online], VI-1 | 2014, Online since 08 July 2014, connection on 08 December 2023. URL:; DOI:

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About the authors

Rosa M. Calcaterra

Università Roma Tre

By this author

Roberto Frega


By this author

Giovanni Maddalena

Università del Molise, Italy

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