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Instructions to authors


  • The proposed texts should be written preferably in French, or in English.

  • An abstract of 15 lines maximum in italics, in French and in English.

  • The text will be presented in A4 format with 4 margins of 2 cm, justified.

  • Title, Arial 12 bold; Authors, Arial 12; Institution and Country, Arial 12.

  • Text, 35000 characters maximum spaces included for a standard article and 70000 characters maximum spaces included for a long article, with bibliography and figures Arial 12, line spacing 1.5; Figures (image format only in portrait mode) and tables in "portrait" format.

  • Page numbering at the top right.

  • Bibliographic references, Arial 12, APA standards.

  • For figures, the legend below left aligned.

  • Table, legend above left aligned in roman numerals.

  • No endnotes or footnotes. Incorporate them into the text.

Example of presentation

Récupérer la balle en rugby

Daniel Dupont et Stéphanie Smith

Université de Franche Comté, Laboratoire GRIF (EA 4625), Besançon, France

Text format

Style sheet: title, no more than 3 levels outside the title

1. left aligned, bold (without style sheet)

            1. 1. (indentation, 1 cm, without style sheet)

                        1. 1. 1. (indentation, 2 cm, without style sheet)

No automatic paragraph numbering.


Dupont, D. (1992). L'organisation du jeu en football. Paris : ACTIO.

Dupont, D., & Donald, B. (1996). A method to analyse attacking moves in soccer. In T. Reilly, J. Bangsbo, & M. Hughes (Eds.), Sciences and Football III (pp. 258-264). Londres : E. & F.N. SPON.

Dupont, D., Smith, S., & Donald, B. (1997). Dynamic-system analysis of opponent relationships in collective actions in soccer. Journal of Sports Sciences, 15, 137-149.

En cas de doute se référer à APA 5ème Édition.

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