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About EJTS

The editorial board of the European Journal of Turkish Studies opposes the French government's plans for higher education and research, as well as its reform of the national pension system. It joins the ongoing mobilization and supports all digital workers currently involved in the movement.


EJTS is a peer-reviewed, indexed, open access international journal that aims to be a valuable research instrument for scholars in the humanities and social sciences working in Turkish Studies. Our premise is that area studies can serve as a ‘laboratory’ for developing theoretical tools that stimulate research in social sciences and humanities, hence the double requirement of an innovative theoretical framework and in-depth empirical knowledge. This also provides room for comparative approaches that may help crisscross area studies. The choice of approach emphasizes a diversity of methodologies as well as variation in the scale of analyses. In practice, the orientation of the journal reflects the backgrounds of the members of the Editorial Board. Published disciplines include anthropology, history, political science, sociology, and geography. In order to facilitate broader communication and exchange of ideas, the journal is international in character. In a manner consistent with its geographical and/or institutional rooting, the journal publishes in English, French, German, and Turkish.


Latest issue
30 | 2020
Numéro en lutte

In Struggle Issue
Mücadele Sayısı
Mur des revues en lutte
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Credits : Comité de mobilisation Revues en lutte
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