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Papers on Turkey 2006

This list comprises non-Turkish languages papers published in non-specialized journals and books, other than the references listed on the ‘Links’ page.

Late Ottoman and Republican History

Anameriç, Hakan (2006) ‘Stamps as an Information Source in the National Library of Turkey’, Library Collections, Acquisitions, and Technical Services 30 (1-2), pp. 117-127.

Bayraktar, Hatice (2006) ‘The anti-Jewish Pogrom in Eastern Thrace in 1934: New Evidence for the Responsibility of the Turkish Government’, Patterns of Prejudice 40 (2), pp. 95-111.

Boztemur, Recep (2006) ‘Nationalism and Religion in the Formation of Modern State in Turkey and Egypt until World War I’, Journal for the Study of Religions and Ideologies 12, pp. 27-40.

Inonu, Erdal (2006) ‘Mehmet Nadir: An Amateur Mathematician in Ottoman Turkey’, Historia Mathematica 33 (2), pp. 234-242.

Isom-Verhaaren, Christine (2006) ‘Royal French Women in the Ottoman Sultans' Harem: The Political Uses of Fabricated Accounts from the Sixteenth to the Twenty-first Century’, Journal of World History 17 (2), pp. 159-196.

Jacoby, Tim (2006) ‘Agriculture, the State and Class Formation in Turkey's First Republic (1923-60)’, Journal of Peasant Studies 33 (1), pp. 34-60.

Ter-Oganov, B. (2006) ‘Trip of the General Staff Lieutenant Colonel V. P. Lyakhov and Staff-Captain K. N. Smirnov to Turkey in 1904’, Russian History – Histoire Russe 33 (1), pp. 109-142.

Toktas, Sule; Cindoglu, Dilek (2006) ‘Modernization and Gender: a History of Girls' Technical Education in Turkey since 1927, Women's History Review 15 (5), pp. 737-749. URL:

Yildirim, Onur (2006) ‘The 1923 Population Exchange, Refugees and National Historiographies in Greece and Turkey’, East European Quarterly 40 (1), pp. 45-70.

International Relations

Altunisik Benli, Meliha; Tur, Ozlem (2006) ‘From Distant Neighbors to Partners? Changing Syrian-Turkish Relations’, Security Dialogue 37 (2), pp. 229-248.

Boria, Edoardo (2006) ‘One Stereotype, Many Representations: Turkey in Italian Geopolitics’, Geopolitics 11 (3), pp. 484-506.

Bishku, Michael B. (2006) ‘How Has Turkey Viewed Israel?’, Israel Affairs 12 (1), pp. 177-194.

Bulut, Esra (2006) ‘Friends, Balkans, Statesmen Lend Us Your Ears: The Trans-state and State in Links between Turkey and the Balkans’, Ethnopolitics 5 (3), pp. 309-326.

Daller, Helmut; Yildiz, Cemal (2006) ‘Power Distance at Work: The Cases of Turkey, Successor States of the Former Soviet Union and Western Europe’, Journal of Politeness Research 2 (1), pp. 35-53.

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Gordon, Philip H. (2006) ‘Turkey on the Brink’, The Washington Quarterly 29 (3), pp. 57-70.

Hadjipavlou, Maria; Cockburn, Cynthia (2006) ‘Women in Projects of Co-operation for Peace: Methodologies of External Intervention in Cyprus’, Women's Studies International Forum 29 (5), pp. 521-533.

Hill, Fiona (2006) ‘Turkey and Russia: Axis of the Excluded?’, Survival 48 (1), pp. 81-92.

Kirtsoglou, Elisabeth (2006) ‘Phantom Menace: What Junior Greek Army Officers Have to Say About Turks and Turkey’, South European Society and Politics 11 (1), pp. 163-177.

Lesser, Ian O. (2006) ‘Turkey, the United States and the Delusion of Geopolitics’, Survival 48 (3), pp. 83-96.

Metin Hakki M. (2006) ‘Dix ans d'alliance turco-israélienne : succès passés et défis à venir’, Politique Etrangère 2, pp. 421-430.

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Seydi, Süleyman (2006) ‘Making a Cold War in the Near East: Turkey and the Origins of the Cold War, 1945-1947’, Diplomacy and Statecraft 17 (1), pp. 113-141.

Walker, Joshua (2006) ‘Turkey and Israel's Relationship in the Middle East’, Mediterranean Quarterly 17 (4), pp. 60-90.

Turkey-UE Debate

Abel, Olivier; Marian, Michel (2006) ‘Le débat européen sur la Turquie. Quelle Europe ? Quel projet ? Quelle périphérie ? (Entretien)’, Esprit 2, pp. 45-48.

Aybet, Gülnur (2006) ‘Turkey and the EU after the First Year of Negotiations: Reconciling Internal and External Policy Challenges’, Security Dialogue 37 (4), pp. 529-549.

Aydinli, Ersel; Özcan, Nihat Ali; Akyaz, Dogan (2006) ‘The Turkish Military March toward Europe’, Foreign Affairs 85 (1), pp. 77-90.

Bek, Mine (2006) ‘The EU and Turkey: A Glittering Prize or a Millstone’, European Journal of Communication 21 (1), pp. 118-120.

Benhabib, Seyla; Isiksel, Türküler ‘Ancient Battles, New Prejudices, and Future Perspectives: Turkey and the EU’, Constellations 13 (2), pp. 218-233.

Bouquet, Olivier (2006) ‘La Turquie et l'Europe : Incarnation de l'Etat et Représentation de la société au XXe siècle’, Critique internationale 30, pp. 25-39.

Casanova, José (2006) ‘The Long, Difficult, and Tortuous Journey of Turkey into Europe and the Dilemmas of European Civilization’, Constellations 13 (2), pp. 234-247.

Çağlar, Keyder (2006) ‘Moving in from the Margins? Turkey in Europe’ Diogenes 53, pp. 72 - 81.

Diez, Thomas; Stetter, Stefan; Albert, Mathias (2006) ‘The European Union and Border Conflicts: The Transformative Power of Integration’, International Organization 60 (3), pp. 563-593.

Duman, Özkan; Tsarouhas, Dimitris (2006) ‘Civilianization’ in Greece versus ‘Demilitarization’ in Turkey: A Comparative Study of Civil-Military Relations and the Impact of the European Union’, Peace Research Abstracts Journal 43 (5), pp. 405-423.

Font, Nuria (2006) ‘Why the European Union Gave Turkey the Green Light’, Journal of Contemporary European Studies 14 (2), p. 197-212.

Grigoriadis, Ioannis N. (2006) ‘Turkey's Accession to the European Union: Debating the Most Difficult Enlargement Ever’, SAIS Review 26 (1), pp. 147-160.

Kastoryano, Riva (2006) ‘Turkey/Europe: Space-Border-Identity’, Constellations 13 (2), pp. 275-287.

Karakas, Cemal (2006) ‘UE/Turquie : L'hypothèse de l'intégration graduelle’, Politique Etrangère 3, pp. 663-673.

Katselli, Elena ‘II. The Ankara Agreement, Turkey, and the EU’, International and Comparative Law Quarterly 55 (3), pp. 705-717.

Jacovides, Andrew J. (2006) ‘Review: An International Relations Debacle: The UN Secretary-General's Mission of Good Offices in Cyprus 1999-2004 by Claire Palley’, The American Journal of International Law 100 (1), pp. 273-278.

Le Gloannec, Anne-Marie (2006) ‘Is Turkey Euro-Compatible? French and German Debates about the “Non-Criteria”’, Constellations 13 (2), pp. 263-274.

Livanos, Dimitris (2006) ‘The Sick Man Paradox: History, Rhetoric and the European Character of Turkey’, Journal of Southern Europe and the Balkans 8 (3), pp. 299-311.

Marzouki, Nadia (2006) ‘La Turquie et l’Union européenne : le discours des néoconservateurs américains’, Esprit 3-4, pp. 344-349.

Mousseau, Demet Yalcin (2006) ‘Turkey and the EU: The Importance of Markets’, Survival 48 (3), pp. 97-108.

Üçer, Elif (2006) ‘Turkey's Accession to the European Union’, Futures 38 (2), pp. 197-211.

Inner Politics

Alev, Çinar (2006) ‘Secularism and Islamic Modernism in Turkey’, Etnografica: revista do Centro de Estudos de Antropologia Social 10 (1), pp. 85-96.

Aydın, Cemil (2006) ‘Between Occidentalism and the Global Left: Islamist Critiques of the West in Turkey’, Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East 26 (3), pp. 446-461.

Baskan, Filiz (2006) ‘Globalization and Nationalism: The Nationalist Action Party of Turkey’, Nationalism and Ethnic Politics 12 (1), pp. 83-105.

Buğra, Ayşe; Keyder, Çağlar (2006) ‘The Turkish Welfare Regime in Transformation’, Journal of European Social Policy 16, pp. 211-228.

Bulut, Yakup; Taniyici, Saban (2006) ‘Representativeness and Attitudes of Municipal Council Members in Turkey: The Case of Erzincan Province’, Local Government Studies 32 (4), pp. 413-428.

Cavdar, Gamze (2006) ‘Islamist New Thinking in Turkey: A Model for Political Learning?’, Political Science Quarterly 121 (3), pp. 477-497.

Çarkoğlu, Ali; Hinich, Melvin J. (2006) ‘A Spatial Analysis of Turkish Party Preferences’, Electoral Studies 25 (2), pp. 369-392.

Dursun, İler (2006) ‘The Struggle Goes On: The Discursive Strategies of the Islamist Press in Turkey’, Journal of Contemporary European Studies 14 (2), pp. 161-182.

Grigoriadis, Ioannis N. (2006) ‘Political Participation of Turkeys Kurds and Alevis: A Challenge for Turkeys Democratic Consolidation’, Southeast European and Black Sea Studies 6 (4), pp. 445-461.

Karaomerlioglu, M. Asim (2006) ‘Turkey's ‘Return’ to Multi-party Politics: A Social Interpretation’, East European Quarterly 40 (1), pp. 89-107.

Mellon, James (2006) ‘Islamism, Kemalism and the Future of Turkey’, Totalitarian Movements & Political Religions 7 (1), pp. 67-81.

Ozbudun, Ergun (2006) ‘From Political Islam to Conservative Democracy: The Case of the Justice and Development Party in Turkey’, South European Society and Politics 11 (3-4), pp. 543-557.

Turan, Ilter (2006) ‘Old Soldiers Never Die: The Republican People's Party of Turkey’, South European Society and Politics 11 (3-4), pp. 559-578.


Belge, Ceren (2006) ‘Friends of the Court: The Republican Alliance and Selective Activism of the Constitutional Court of Turkey’, Law & Society Review 40 (3), pp. 653-692.

Ercan, Fuat; Oguz, Sebnem (2006) ‘Rescaling as a Class Relationship and Process: The Case of Public Procurement Law in Turkey’, Political Geography 25 (6), pp. 641-656.

Karaman-Kepenekci, Yasemin (2006) ‘A Study of University Students' Attitudes Towards Children's Rights in Turkey’, The International Journal of Children's Rights 14 (3), pp. 307-318.

Marshall, Jill (2006) ‘Freedom of Religious Expression and Gender Equality: Sahin v Turkey’, Modern Law Review 69 (3), pp. 452-461.

Özbay, Özden (2006) ‘Class and Self-Reported Juvenile Delinquency: Evidence from Turkey’, Journal of Criminal Justice 34 (3), pp. 237-249.

Economy, Finance, Labour

Akyurek, Cem (2006) ‘The Turkish Crisis of 2001 - A Classic?’, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade 42 (1), pp. 5-32.

Akyüz, Kadri Cemil; Akyüz, İlker; Serіn, Hasan; Cindik, Hicabi (2006) ‘The Financing Preferences and Capital Structure of Micro, Small and Medium Sized Firm Owners in Forest Products Industry in Turkey’, Forest Policy and Economics 8 (3), pp. 301-311.

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Environment, Geography, Urbanism

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Nationalism, Identity, Minorities

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