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Papers on Turkey 2007

This list comprises non-Turkish languages papers published in non-specialized journals and books, other than the references listed on the ‘Links’ page.

Late Ottoman and Republican History

Aktar, Ayhan (2007) ‘Debating the Armenian Massacres in the Last Ottoman Parliament, November – December 1918’, History Workshop Journal 64, p. 240-270.

Anderson, M. L. (2007) ‘Down in Turkey, Far Away’: Human Rights, the Armenian Massacres, and Orientalism in Wilhelmine Germany’, Journal of Modern History 79 (1), p. 80-111.

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Erkarslan O. E. (2007) ‘Turkish Women Architects in the Late Ottoman and Early Republican Era, 1908-1950’, Women’s History Review 16 (4), p. 555-575.

Firuz, A. P. (2007) ‘The Poetics of History: Looking at Turkey and World War One’, Rethinking History 11 (2), p. 215-224.
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Koc F.; Koca, E. (2007) ‘The Westernization Process in Ottoman Women's Garments: 18th Century Similar to 20th Century’, Asian Journal of Women’s Studies 13 (4), p. 57-84.

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Reisman, Arnold (2007) ‘Jewish Refugees from Nazism, Albert Einstein, and the Modernization of Higher Education in Turkey (1933–1945)’, Aleph: Historical Studies in Science and Judaism (7), p. 253-281.

Shissler, Ada Holland (2007) ‘If You Ask Me’: Sabiha Sertel's Advice Column, Gender Equity, and Social Engineering in the Early Turkish Republic’, Journal of Middle East Women's Studies 3 (2), p. 1-30.

Yeşilgöz, Yücel; Bovenkerk, Frank (2007) ‘Urban Knights and Rebels in the Ottoman Empire’, in Fijnaut, Cyrille; Paoli, Letizia (eds.) Organised Crime in Europe Concepts, Patterns and Control Policies in the European Union and Beyond, Springer Netherlands, ISBN: 978-1-4020-2615-7.

International Relations

Aras, B.; Toktas, S. (2007) ‘Al-Qaida, ‘War on Terror’ and Turkey’, Third World Quarterly 28 (5), p. 1033-1050.

Aras, B.; Polat, R. K. (2007) ‘Turkey and the Middle East: Frontiers of the New Geographic Imagination’, Australian Journal of International Affairs 61 (4), p. 471-488.

Barseghyan, K. (2007) ‘Changing Turkish Other in post-Soviet Armenian Discourse on National Identity’, Polish Sociological Review 159, p. 283-298.

Dimitrakis, Panagiotis (2007) ‘Greek Military Intelligence and the Turkish ‘Threat’ during the 1987 Aegean Crisis’, Journal of Modern Greek Studies 25 (1), p. 99-127.

Freitag-Wirminghaus, R. (2007) ‘From Pan-Turkism to Pragmatism - Turkey and Central Asia’ 57 (8-9), p.

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Walker, Joshua W. (2007) ‘Reexamining the U.S.-Turkish Alliance’, The Washington Quarterly, 31 (1), p. 93-109.

Yanik, L. K. (2007) ‘Allies or Partners? An Appraisal of Turkey's Ties to Russia, 1991-2007’, East European Quarterly 41 (3), p. 349-370.

Turkey-UE Debate

Akturk, S. (2007) ‘Incompatible Visions of Supra-Nationalism: National Identity in Turkey and the European Union’, Archives Européennes de Sociologie 48 (2), p. 347-372.

Erdogan, B. (2007) ‘Turkey's Compliance with European Union Democratic Conditionality: Resistance or Transformation of Identity?’, Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights 25 (1), p. 21-51.

Hillion, C. (2007) ‘Negotiating Turkey's Membership to the European Union - Can the Member States do as they Please?’, European Constitutional Law Review 3 (2), p. 269-284.

McLaren, Lauren M. (2007) ‘Explaining Opposition to Turkish Membership of the EU’, European Union Politics 8, p. 251–278.

Taspinar, O. (2007) ‘Turkey's Fading Dream of Europe’, Current History 106 (698), p. 123-129.

Inner Politics

Akarca, A. T.; Tansel, A. (2007) ‘Social and Economic Determinants of Turkish Voter Choice in the 1995 Parliamentary Election’, Election Studies 26 93), p. 633-647.

Ashour O. (2007) ‘Ruling but not Governing: the Military and Political Development in Egypt, Algeria and Turkey’, International Affairs 83 (6), p. 1221-1223.

Barkey, H. J.; Congar, Y. (2007) ‘Deciphering Turkey's Elections - The Making of a Revolution’, World Policy Journal 24 (3), p. 63-73.

Baykan, B. G. (2007) ‘Environmentalism in Turkey: Between Democracy and Development’, Environmental Politics 16 (4), p. 710-712.

Bedirhanlu, P. (2007) ‘The Neoliberal Discourse on Corruption as a Means of Consent Building: Reflections from Post-Crisis Turkey’, Third World Quarterly 28 (7), p. 1239-1254.

Cindoglu, D.; Boynukara, A.; Akyuz, S.; et al. (2007) ‘An Action Research Report on the Rising Democracy Discourse in 2000's Turkey: Does Eros Contour the Demos?’, Women’s Studies International Forum 30 (6), p. 465-473.

Doganay, U. (2007) ‘The Turkish Parliament on Democracy’, Parliamentary Affairs 60 (3), p. 388-408.

Jenkins, G. (2007) ‘Continuity and Change: Prospects for Civil-Military Relations in Turkey’, International Affairs 83 (2), p. 339-355.

Kadioglu, Ayse (2007) ‘Denationalization of Citizenship? The Turkish Experience’, Citizenship Studies 11 (3), p. 283-299.

Kuru, Ahmet T. (2007) ‘Passive and Assertive Secularism: Historical Conditions, Ideological Struggles, and State Policies toward Religion’, World Politics 59, p. 568-594.

Neyzi, L. (2007), ‘Nostalgia for the Modern. State Secularism and Everyday Politics in Turkey’, Anthropos 102 (2), p. 637-638.

Sezen, S. (2007) ‘Independent Regulatory Agencies in Turkey: Are they really Autonomous?’, Public Administration and Development 27 (4), p. 319-332.

Shankland, David (2007) ‘Islam and Politics in Turkey: the 2007 Presidential Elections and beyond’, International Affairs 83 (2), p. 357-371.

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Burcu Yildiz, Gaye (2007) ‘Foreign Workers in Turkey, their Rights and Obligations Regulated in Turkish Labour Law’ European Journal of Migration and Law 9 (2), p. 207-227.

Demir, Tansu; Ben-Zadok, Efraim (2007) ‘Politically Driven Regulations and Enforcement: Monitoring Kurd and Fundamentalist Broadcasts in Turkey’, Administration & Society 39, p. 262 - 293.

Halper, Louise (2007) ‘Disrupted Societies, Transformative States: Politics of Law and Gender in Republican Turkey and Iran’ Hawwa 5 (1), p. 90-110.

Miller, Ruth A. (2007) ‘Politicizing Reproduction in Comparative Perspective: Ottoman, Turkish, and French Approaches to Abortion law’, Hawwa 5 (1), p. 73-89.

Ulusoy, A. (2007) ‘The Islamic Headscarf Problem before Secular Legal Systems: Factual and Legal Developments in Turkish, French and European Human Rights Laws’, European Journal of Migration and Law 9 (4), p. 419-433.

Vakulenko, Anastasia (2007) `Islamic Headscarves' and the European Convention On Human Rights: an Intersectional Perspective’, Social & Legal Studies 16, p. 183 - 199.

Economy, Finance, Labour

Adar, Sinem (2007) ‘Turkey: Reform in Social Security’, Journal of European Social Policy 17, p. 167-168.

Berument, H. (2007) ‘Measuring Monetary Policy for a Small Open Economy: Turkey’, Journal of Macroeconomics 29 (2), p. 411-430.

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Geography, Urbanism, Environment

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Nationalism, Identity, Minorities

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Sociology, Anthropology, Ethnology

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