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Papers on Turkey 2004

This list comprises papers in non-Turkish languages published in non-specialized journals and books, other than the references listed on the ‘Links’ page.

Last update : February 5, 2007.

Late Ottoman and Republican History

Erden, Mustafa Suphi (2004) ‘The Exchange of Greek and Turkish Populations in 1920s and its socio-economic Impacts on the Life in Anatolia’, Crime, Law and Social Change 41 (3), pp. 261-282.

Horowitz, Richard S. (2004) ‘International Law and State Transformation in China, Siam, and the Ottoman Empire during the Nineteenth Century’, Journal of World History 15 (4), pp. 445-486.

Kaplan, Samuel (2004) ‘Territorializing Armenians: Geo-Texts and Political Imaginaries in French-Occupied Cilicia, 1919-1922’, History and Anthropology 15 (4), pp. 399-425.

Kili, Suna (2004) ‘An Evaluation of the Atatürk Period from the Perspective of Elements of Power’, Dedication to the 80th Anniversary of the Republic, Istanbul, The Mersin branch of the Atatürkist Thought Organization, pp. 7-20.

International Relations

Ayoob, Mohammed (2004) ‘Turkey’s Multiple Paradoxes’, Orbis 48 (3), pp. 451-463.

Fuller, Graham (2004) ‘Turkey's Strategic Model: Myths and Realities’, The Washington Quarterly 27 (3), pp. 51-64.

Turam, Berna (2004) ‘A Bargaining between the secular State and Turkish Islam: Politics of Ethnicity in central Asia’, Nations and Nationalism, 10 (3), pp. 353-374.

Turkey-UE Debate

Lino, Marisa (2004) ‘Turkey and the EU: A fine Balance’, Transition Studies Review 11 (3), pp. 31-41.

Misrahi, Frédéric (2004) ‘The EU and the civil democratic Control of armed Forces: an Analysis of recent Developments in Turkey’, Perspectives, The Central European Review of International Affairs 22, pp. 22-42.

Önis, Ziya (2004) ‘Diverse but converging Paths to European Union Membership: Poland and Turkey in comparative Perspective’, East European Politics and Societies 18, pp. 481-512.

Inner Politics

Bacik, Gokhan (2004) ‘The parliamentary Election in Turkey, November 2002’, Electoral Studies 23 (4), pp. 821-828.

Başlevent, Cem; Kırmanoğlu, Hasan; Senatalar, Burhan (2004) ‘Voter Profiles and Fragmentation in the Turkish Party System’, Party Politics 10, pp. 307-324.

Kili, Suna (2004) ‘Turkish Constitutional Developments: An Evaluation’, Essays in Honour of Georgios Kassimatis, Athens, Berlin, Bruxelles: Ant.N.Sakkoulos, Berliner Wissenschafts Verlag, Bruylant, pp. 121-140.

Economy, Finance, Labour

Akal, Mustafa (2004) ‘Forecasting Turkey's Tourism Revenues by ARMAX Model’, Tourism Management 25 (5), pp. 565-580.

Arslan, Gökhan; Kıvrak, Serkan (2004) ‘The lower Employment of Women in Turkish Construction Sector’, Building and Environment 39 (11), pp. 1379-1387.

Bastounis, Marina; Leiser, David; Roland-Lévy, Christine (2004) ‘Psychosocial Variables involved in the Construction of Lay Thinking about the Economy: Results of a cross-national Survey’, Journal of Economic Psychology 25 (2), pp. 263-278.

Başlevent, Cem; Onaran, Özlem (2004) ‘The Effect of Export-Oriented Growth on Female Labor Market Outcomes in Turkey’, World Development 32 (8), pp.1375-1393.

Dibooğlu, Sel; Kibritçioğlu, Aykut (2004) ‘Inflation, Output Growth, and Stabilization in Turkey, 1980–2002’, Journal of Economics and Business 56 (1), pp. 43-61.

Demir, Firat (2004) ‘A Failure Story: Politics and Financial Liberalization in Turkey, Revisiting the Revolving Door Hypothesis’, World Development 32 (5), pp. 851-869.

Dritsakis, N. (2004) ‘Defense Spending and economic Growth: an empirical Investigation for Greece and Turkey’, Journal of Policy Modeling 26 (2), pp. 249-264.

Harzing, Anne-Wil (2004) ‘Ideal Jobs and International Student Mobility in the Enlarged European Union’, European Management Journal 22 (6), pp. 693-703.

Kaldjian, Paul J. (2004), ‘Urban Food Security, the rural Hinterland, and Istanbul's lower Income Migrant’, Research in Middle East Economics 5, pp. 317-337.

Kazaz, Aynur; Ulubeyli, Serdar (2004) ‘A different Approach to Construction Labour in Turkey: comparative Productivity Analysis’, Building and Environment 39 (1), pp. 93-100.

Önsel Şahin, Şule; Ülengin, Füsun; Ülengin, Burç (2004) ‘Using neural Networks and cognitive mapping in scenario Analysis: The case of Turkey's Inflation dynamics’, European Journal of Operational Research 158 (1), pp.124-145.

Özçelik, Emre; Taymaz, Erol (2004) ‘Does Innovativeness matter for international Competitiveness in developing Countries? The case of Turkish Manufacturing Industries’, Research Policy 33 (3), pp. 409-424.

Özturan, Meltem; Akış Roney, Sevgin (2004) ‘Internet Use among Travel Agencies in Turkey: An Exploratory Study‘, Tourism Management 25 (2), pp. 259-266.

Sarı, Ramazan; Soytaş, Uğur (2004) ‘Disaggregate Energy Consumption, Employment and Income in Turkey’, Energy Economics, 26 (3), pp. 335-344.

Selçuk, F. (2004) ‘Financial Earthquakes, Aftershocks and Scaling in emerging Stock Markets’, Physica A (333), pp. 306-317.

Tiago, Mateus (2004) ‘The Risk and Predictability of Equity Returns of the EU Accession Countries’, Emerging Markets Review 5 (2), pp. 241-266.

Topçu, Y. İlker (2004) ‘A Decision Model Proposal for Construction Contractor Selection in Turkey’, Building and Environment 39 (4), pp. 469-481.

Yilmaz, Cengiz; Sezen, Bulent; Tumer Kabadayı, Ebru (2004) ‘Supplier fairness as a mediating factor in the supplier performance–reseller satisfaction relationship’, Journal of Business Research 57 (8), pp. 854-863.

Yurdakul, Mustafa; Tansel, Yusuf (2004) ‘AHP Approach in the Credit Evaluation of the Manufacturing Firms in Turkey’, International Journal of Production Economics 88 (3), pp. 269-289.

Geography, Urbanism

Akinci, Ferah (2004) ‘The Aftermath of Disaster in Urban Areas: An Evaluation of the 1999 Earthquake in Turkey’, Cities 21 (6), pp. 527-536.

Burak, S.; Doğan, E.; Gazioğlu, C. (2004) ‘Impact of Urbanization and Tourism on Coastal Environment’, Ocean & Coastal Management 47(9-10), pp. 515-527.

Erman, Tahire; Eken, Aslıhan (2004) ‘The ‘Other of the Other’ and ‘Unregulated Territories’ in the Urban Periphery: Gecekondu Violence in the 2000s with a Focus on the Esenler Case, Istanbul’ Cities 21 (1), pp. 57-68.

Ergün, Nilgun (2004) ‘Gentrification in Istanbul’, Cities 21 (5), pp. 391-405.

Güclü, Kamuran; Karahann, Faris (2004) ‘A Review: the History of Conservation Programs and Development of the National Parks Concept in Turkey’, Biodiversity and Conservation 13 (7), pp. 1373-1390.

Gül M.; Lamb R. (2004) ‘Mapping, Regularizing and Modernizing Ottoman Istanbul: Aspects of the Genesis of the 1839 Development Policy’, Urban History 31 (3), pp. 420-439.

Özcatalbas, Orhan; Brumfield, Robin G.; Ozkan, Burhan (2004) ‘The Agricultural Information System for Farmers in Turkey’, Information Development 20, pp. 97-105.

Polat H., Eylem; Olgun, Metin (2004), ‘Analysis of the Rural Dwellings at New Residential Areas in the Southeastern Anatolia, Turkey’, Building and Environment 39 (12), pp. 1505-1515.

Unsal, Fatma (2004) ‘Globalization and the Mid-Rank City: The Case of Adana, Turkey’, Cities 21 (5), pp. 439-449.

Uysal, Füsun; Tınmaz, Esra (2004) ‘Medical Waste Management in Trachea Region of Turkey: Suggested Remedial Action’, Waste Management Research 22, pp. 403–407.


Arends-Tóth, Judit; Van de Vijver Fons, J. R. (2004) ‘Domains and Dimensions in Acculturation: Implicit Theories of Turkish–Dutch’, International Journal of Intercultural Relations 28 (1), pp. 19-35.

Bilir, V. (2004) ‘Turkey-Islam': Recipe for Success or Hindrance to the Integration of the Turkish Diaspora Community in Germany?’, Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs 24 (2), pp. 259-284.

Janssen, Mijnke M.M.; Verhulst, Frank C.; Bengi-Arslan, Leyla; Erol, Neşe; Salter, Claudia J.; Crijnen, Alfons A.M. (2004) ‘Comparison of self-reported emotional and behavioral problems in Turkish Immigrant, Dutch and Turkish adolescents’, Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology 39 (2), pp. 133-140.

Kaya, I. (2004), ‘Turkish-American Immigration History and Identity Formations’, Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs 24 (2), pp. 295-308.

Küçükcan, T. (2004), ‘The Making of Turkish-Muslim Diaspora in Britain: Religious Collective Identity in a Multicultural Public Sphere’, Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs 24 (2), pp. 243-258.

Manço, Altay A. (2004) ‘Policy and Experiences of professional Integration of young Immigrants in the Walloon Region (Belgium), Migration Letters, 1(1), pp. 11-25, available at:

Micallef, R. (2004) ‘Turkish Americans: Performing Identities in a Transnational Setting’, Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs 24 (2), pp. 233-242.

Nell, Liza M. (2004) ‘Conceptualising the Emergence of Immigrant’s transnational Communities’ Migration Letters, 1(1), pp. 50-56, available at:

Uguris T. (2004) ‘Diaspora and Citizenship: Kurdish Women in London’, Hagar 5 (1), pp. 137-158.

Van der Wurff, F.B.; Beekman; A.T.F.; Dijkshoorn, H.; Spijker, J.A.; Smits, C.H.M.; Stek, M.L.; Verhoeff, A. (2004) ‘Prevalence and risk-factors for depression in elderly Turkish and Moroccan migrants in the Netherlands’, Journal of Affective Disorders 83 (1), pp. 33-41.

Watzinger-Tharp, J. (2004), ‘Turkish-German Language: An Innovative Style of Communication and its Implications for Citizenship and Identity’, Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs 24 (2), pp. 285-294.

Nationalism, Identity, Minorities

Cetin, Z. M. (2004) ‘Tales of Past, Present, and Future: Mythmaking and Nationalist Discourse in Turkish Politics’, Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs 24 (2), pp. 347-366.

Öktem, Kerem (2004) ‘Incorporating the Time and Space of the ethnic Other: Nationalism and Space in Southeast Turkey in the 19th and 20th Centuries ‘, Nations and Nationalism 10.


Pak, Soon-Yong (2004) ‘Articulating the Boundary between Secularism and Islamism: The Imam-Hatip Schools of Turkey’, Anthropology & Education Quarterly 35 (3), pp. 324-344.

Ugur, E. (2004) ‘Intellectual Roots of 'Turkish Islam' and Approaches to the 'Turkish Model'’, Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs 24 (2), pp. 327-346.

Yavuz, H. M. (2004) ‘Is there a Turkish Islam? The Emergence of Convergence and Consensus’, Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs 24 (2), pp. 213-232.

Sociology, Anthropology, Ethnology

Arat, Yeşim (2004) ‘Rethinking the Political: A Feminist Journal in Turkey, Pazartesi’, Women’s Studies International Forum 27 (3), pp. 281-292.

Aytaç Işık, A.; Rankin Bruce, H. (2004) ‘Modernity, Traditionality, and Junior High School Attainment in Turkey’, Social Indicators Research 66 (3), pp. 267-282.

Gencel Bek, Mine (2004) ‘Research Note: Tabloidization of News Media: An Analysis of Television News in Turkey’, European Journal of Communication 19, pp. 371 - 386.

Kasapoğlu, M. Aytül, Ecevit Mehmet C. (2004) ‘Culture and Social Structure: Identity in Turkey’, Human Studies 27 (2), pp. 137-167.

Neyzi, Leyla (2004) ‘Fragmented in Space: The Oral History Narrative of an Arab Christian from Antioch, Turkey’, Global Networks, 4 (3), pp. 285–297.

Özbilgin, Mustafa; Healy, Geraldine (2004) ‘The gendered Nature of Career Development of University Professors: the Case of Turkey’, Journal of Vocational Behavior 64 (2), pp. 358-371.

Özbilgin, Mustafa; Woodward, Diana (2004) ‘‘Belonging’ and ‘Otherness’: Sex Equality in Banking in Turkey and Britain’, Gender, Work and Organization, 11(6), pp. 668-688.

Özyürek, Esra (2004) ‘Miniaturizing Atatürk: Privatization of State Imagery and Ideology in Turkey’, American Ethnologist (31) 4, pp. 374-391.

Söylemez, Ümit (2004) ‘Urbanization and Language Shift in Turkey: the Change Processes at Work in the Transition from rural to urban Settings’, International Journal of the Sociology of Language 165, pp. 93–119.

Swigger, Kathleen; Alpaslan, Ferda; Brazile, Robert; Monticino, Michael (2004) ‘Effects of Culture on Computer-supported International Collaborations’, International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 60 (3), pp. 365-380.

Tekçe, Belgin (2004) ‘Paths of Marriage in Istanbul: Arranging Choices and Choice in Arrangements’, Ethnography 5, pp. 173 - 201.

Yükseker, Deniz (2004) ‘Trust and Gender in a Transnational Market: The Public Culture of Laleli, Istanbul’, Public Culture 16 (1), pp. 47-65.

Psychology, Psychiatry, Medicine, Health

Çobanoğlu, Nesrin; Algier, Lale (2004) ‘A Qualitative Analysis of Ethical Problems Experienced by Physicians and Nurses in Intensive Care Units in Turkey’, Nursing Ethics 11, pp. 444-458.

Doğan, Hanzade; Değer, Mebrure (2004) ‘Nursing Care of Elderly People at Home and Ethical Implications: an experience from Istanbul’, Nursing Ethics 11, pp. 553-567.

Dole, Christopher (2004) ‘In the Shadows of Medicine and Modernity: Medical Integration and Secular Histories of Religious Healing in Turkey’, Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry 28 (3), pp. 255-280.

Erçevik Amado, Liz (2004) ‘Sexual and Bodily Rights as Human Rights in the Middle East and North Africa’, Reproductive Health Matters 12 (23), pp. 125-128.

Eskin, Mehmet (2004) ‘The Effects of religious versus secular Education on Suicide Ideation and suicidal Attitudes in Adolescents in Turkey’, Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology 39 (7), pp. 536-542.

Gündoğmuş, Ümit N.; Özkara, Erdem; Mete, Samiye (2004) ‘Nursing and Midwifery Malpractice in Turkey Based on the Higher Health Council Records’, Nursing Ethics 11, pp. 489-499.

Hollander, D. (2004) ‘Antenatal Education Helps Turkish Women Adopt Health-Promoting Behavior’, International Family Planning Perspectives 30 (1), pp. 45-46.

Kulczycki, Andrzej (2004) ‘The Determinants of Withdrawal Use in Turkey: A Husband's Imposition or a Woman's Choice? ‘, Social Science & Medicine 59(5), pp. 1019-1033.

Ozvaris, Sevkat B; Akin, Levent; Akin, Ayşe (2004) ‘The Role and Influence of Stakeholders and Donors on Reproductive Health Services in Turkey: A Critical Review’, Reproductive Health Matters 12 (24), pp. 116-127.

Örnek Büken, Nüket; Büken, Erhan (2004) ‘Emerging Health Sector Problems Affecting Patient Rights in Turkey’, Nursing Ethics 11, pp. 610-624.

Özkara, Erdem; Civaner, Murat; Oğlak, Sema; Senih Mayda, Attila (2004) ‘Euthanasia Education for Health Professionals in Turkey: Students Change their Opinions’, Nursing Ethics 11, pp. 290-297.

Rahim (2004) ‘Twelve-month Prevalence of obsessive-compulsive Disorder in Konya, Turkey‘, Comprehensive Psychiatry 45 (5), pp. 367-374.

Rani, Manju; Lule, Elizabeth (2004) ‘Exploring the Socioeconomic Dimension of Adolescent Reproductive Health: A Multicountry Analysis’, International Family Planning Perspectives 30 (3), pp. 110-117.

Roushdy-Hammady, Imam (2004) ‘Contested Etiology and Fragile Castles: An Ethnography of Cancer Risk and Cancer Research in Two Parts’, Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry 28 (3), pp. 311-314.

Sanal, Aslıhan (2004) ‘Robin Hood’ of Techno-Turkey or Organ Trafficking in the State of Ethical Beings’, Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry 28 (3), pp. 281-309.

Subaşı, Baybuga, Media; Çelik, S.S.; Sevilay, Şenol (2004) ‘The Level of Knowledge and Views of the Street Children/Youth about AIDS in Turkey’, International Journal of Nursing Studies 41 (6), pp. 591-597.

Sur, H.; Hayran, O.; Mumcu, G.; Söylemez, D.; Atlı, H.; Yıldırım, C. (2004) ‘Factors Affecting Dental Job Satisfaction: A Cross-Sectional Survey in Turkey’, Evaluation of the Health Professions 27, pp. 152-164.

Tetsuhiko, Yoshimura; Hulusi, Acar H. (2004) ‘Occupational Safety and Health Conditions of Forestry Workers in Turkey’, Journal of Forest Research 9 (3), pp. 225-232.

Tot, Şenel; Yazıcı, Kemal; Yazıcı, Aylin; Özmen, Metin; Bal, Nilgün; Erdem, Pervin (2004), ‘Psychosocial Correlates of Substance Use among Adolescents in Mersin, Turkey’, Public Health 118 (8), pp. 588-593.

Ulukanlıgıl, M.; Seyrek, A. (2004) ‘Demographic and socio-economic Factors affecting the physical Development, Haemoglobin and parasitic Infection Status of Schoolchildren in Şanlıurfa Province, Turkey’, Public Health 118 (2), pp. 151-158.

Uskul, Ayse K.; Hynie, Michaela; Lalonde, Richard N. (2004) ‘Interdependence as a Mediator between Culture and Interpersonal Closeness for Euro-Canadians and Turks’, Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology 35, pp. 174-191.

Yolsal, Nuray; Karabey, Selma; Bulut, Ayşen; Topuzoğlu, Asya; Ağkoç, Suheyla; Onoğlu, Nazan; Olcay, Neyzi (2004) ‘Courses for Medical Residents and Trainers in Turkey for Promotion of Quality of Reproductive Health Services: A Pilot Study’, Reproductive Health Matters 12 (24), pp. 189-199.


Uçak, Nazam (2004) ‘User Studies in Turkey: An Evaluation of Dissertations’, Information Development 20, pp. 122-129.

Yavuz, Meryem (2004) ‘Nursing doctoral education in Turkey’, Nurse Education Today 24 (7), pp. 553-559.

Yildirim, Ali (2004) ‘Student Assessment in High-School Social-Studies Courses in Turkey: Teachers' and Students' perceptions’, International Review of Education/Internationale Zeitschrift für Erziehungswissenschaft/Revue internationale de l'éducation 50 (2), pp. 157-175.

Arts, Language, Literature

Açıkalın, Işıl (2004) ‘The Perpetuity Trend of nonstandard linguistic Forms’, International Journal of the Sociology of Language 165, pp. 143–154.

Büyükkantarcıoğlu, Nalan (2004) ‘A sociolinguistic Analysis of the present Dimensions of English as a foreign Language in Turkey’, International Journal of the Sociology of Language 165, pp. 33–58.

Doğançay-Aktuna Seran (2004), ‘Language Planning in Turkey: Yesterday and Today’, International Journal of Sociology of Language 165, 2004, pp. 5-32.

Duman Derya (2004) ‘A Characterisation of Turkish Personal Name Inventory’, International Journal of the Sociology of Language 165, pp. 155-177.

Karahan Firdevs (2004) ‘Ethnolinguistic Vitality, Attitudes, social Network and Codeswitching: the case of Bosnian-Turks living in Sakarya, Turkey’, International Journal of the Sociology of Language 165, pp. 59–92.

Parla, Jale (2004) ‘The Object of Comparison’, Comparative Literature Studies 41 (1), pp. 116-125.

Smith, James (2004) ‘Karagoz and Hacivat: Projections of Subversion and Conformance’, Asian Theatre Journal 21 (2), pp. 187-193.

Yağmur, Kutlay (2004) ‘Language Maintenance patterns of Turkish Immigrant Communities in Australia and Western Europe: the Impact of Majority Attitudes on ethnolinguistic Vitality Perceptions’, International Journal of the Sociology of Language 165, pp. 121–142.

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