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Papers on Turkey 2005

This list comprises papers in non-Turkish languages published in non-specialized journals and books, other than the references listed on the ‘Links’ page.

Last update : February 5, 2007.

Late Ottoman and Republican History

Akçam, Taner (2005) ‘Anatomy of a Crime: the Turkish Historical Society's Manipulation of Archival Documents’, Journal of Genocide Research 7 (2), pp. 255-77.

Alemdaroğlu, Ayça (2005) ‘Politics of the Body and Eugenic Discourse in Early Republican Turkey’, Body Society 11, pp. 61-76.

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Kirli Kolluoğlu, Biray (2005) ‘Forgetting the Smyrna Fire’, History Workshop Journal 60, pp. 25-44.

Psilos, Christopher (2005) ‘From Cooperation to Alienation: An Insight into Relations between the Serres Group and the Young Turks during the Years 1906-9’, European History Quarterly 35 (4), pp. 541-558.

International Relations

Akgönül, Samim (2005) ‘‘Roumélie’ : les Balkans encore turcs?’, Outre-Terre 10 (Turquie - Europe - Express 2014 ?), pp. 271-284.

Avioutskii, Viatcheslav (2005)Moscou-Ankara : concurrence ou coopération?’, Outre-Terre 10 (Turquie - Europe - Express 2014 ?), pp. 205-214.

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Olson, Robert (2005) ‘Kurdistan-Iraq and Turkey Relations, 2004: The Consolidation of Kurdish Nationalism’, Journal of South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies 28 (3), pp. 20-50.

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Öktem, Emre (2005)Jérusalem: eschatologie et passion’ Outre-Terre 10 (Turquie - Europe - Express 2014 ?), pp. 253-256.

Öztürk, Asiye (2005)Ankara-Washington-Tel-Aviv : le triangle géopolitique’, Outre-Terre 10 (Turquie - Europe - Express 2014 ?), pp. 285-296.

Varol, Sabetav (2005)La Turquie et les Chypriotes turcs’, Outre-Terre 10 (Turquie - Europe - Express 2014 ?), pp. 477-480.

Vassiliou, Prodromos (2005)De l’Antiquité à nos jours’, Outre-Terre 10 (Turquie - Europe - Express 2014 ?), pp. 413-438.

Turkey-UE Debate

Analis, Dimitri T. (2005)La Turquie, vraiment un facteur de stabilité en Europe du Sud-Est et en Méditerranée orientale?’, Outre-Terre 10 (Turquie - Europe - Express 2014 ?), pp. 263-269.

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Güney, Aylın; Karatekelioğlu, Petek (2005) ‘Turkey’s EU Candidacy and Civil-Military Relations: Challenges and Prospects’, Armed Forces & Society 31, pp. 439 - 462.

Karnoouh, Claude (2005)L’européicisation du monde et la Turquie, ou comment ne pas traiter le sujet’, Outre-Terre 10 (Turquie - Europe - Express 2014 ?), pp. 97-116.

Laughland, John (2005) ‘Retour à la Sublime Porte’, Outre-Terre 10 (Turquie - Europe - Express 2014 ?), pp. 197-204.

Kobierska, Malgorzata (2005)Varsovie: la Turquie en Europe? Quand cela conviendra !’, Outre-Terre 10 (Turquie - Europe - Express 2014 ?), pp. 215-217.

Korinman, Michel (2005) ‘Entretien avec Georges Iacovou, ministre des Affaires étrangères de la République de Chypre’, Outre-Terre 10 (Turquie - Europe - Express 2014 ?), pp. 393-399.

Korinman, Michel (2005) ‘Entretien avec Georges Lillykas, ministre chypriote du Commerce, de l'Industrie et du Tourisme’, Outre-Terre 10 (Turquie - Europe - Express 2014 ?), pp. 401-406.

Korinman, Michel (2005) ‘Entretien avec Kypros Chrysostomides, porte-parole du gouvernement de la République de Chypre, Outre-Terre 10 (Turquie - Europe - Express 2014 ?), pp. 407-411.

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Uzuner, Buket (2005) ‘The 800-Year-Old Westernization Dream of the East-Mediterranean Turks: Thinking the EU Membership of Turkey’, Transition Studies Review 12 (1), pp. 121-126.

Verluise, Pierre (2005)L’Union européenne : perdants ou gagnants ?’, Outre-Terre 10 (Turquie - Europe - Express 2014 ?), pp. 63-82.

Inner Politics

Akgün, Murat (2005) ‘Entretien avec Abdullah Gül’, Outre-Terre 10 (Turquie - Europe - Express 2014 ?), pp. 15-18.

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İnsel Ahmet (2005)Réformes ou révolution ?’, Outre-Terre 10 (Turquie - Europe - Express 2014 ?).

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Economy, Finance, Labour

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Geography, Urbanism

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Nationalism, Identity, Minorities

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Sociology, Anthropology, Ethnology

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Psychology, Psychiatry, Medicine, Health

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Arts, Language, Literature

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