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As a scientific journal, published yearly on behalf of the SELF XX-XXI (French Society for the Study of French Literature of the 20th and 21st centuries), ELFe XX-XXI is meant to tackle how French literature evolved during the XXth century, through continuities and disruptions, but also how to interpret contemporary literature and to what extent scientific study has to help legitimize it. It is meant to provide an outlet for each and every side of contemporary research on literature in French of the 20th and 21st centuries.

ELFe XX-XXI should highlight the critical ambitions of SELF XX-XXI members. It publishes papers applying new ways to look at French literature, while preserving all that literary history and theory has achieved.

This journal publishes thematical dossiers, with the supervision of the scientific comity, convened during the general assembly of SELF XX-XXI. These dossiers may be acts from conferences and congresses of the association, or they may come from specific calls for papers. In addition to scientific papers, a selection of literary texts (poetry, short tales) and interviews will contribute to strengthen a lively link between research and creation.

ELFe XX-XXI was originally published by Classique Garnier. Since 2019, it has been published by OpenEdition Journals.

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