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12 | 2015
Evolution des systèmes médiatiques après les révoltes arabes

Nouvelles directions de recherche
Changes in the media system after the Arab revolts: New research directions
Edited by Enrico De Angelis
EMA 12 2015 Evolution des systèmes médiatiques après les révoltes arabes
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Credits : Photo Enrique Klaus | Conception Nicolas de Lavergne
ISBN 9782905838858

The Arab revolts have forced us to re-evaluate our theoretical approaches and many of our assumptions on the role of media in the Arab region. In fact, radical changes of perspective have affected the study of media in the Arab region over the last four years. Whereas in the aftermath of the 2011 revolts media were considered to be crucial instruments in fostering profound socio-cultural transformations, today they are accused of being in part responsible for the failure of the Arab revolutions.
This collection brings together the work of scholars who offer innovative and more nuanced interpretations of communication processes in the Middle East and North Africa after 2011. In particular, the essays collected here re-examine the relationship between media and politics of dissent, as well as the impact of new technologies in the region. They describe a particularly vital and hybrid media environment, in which different tools – graffiti, social web, traditional media – interact together, with effects that are difficult to predict.

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