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13 | 2015
Nouvelles luttes autour du genre en Egypte depuis 2011

New gender-related Struggles in Egypt since 2011
Edited by Leslie Piquemal
EMA 13 Nouvelles luttes autour du genre en Egypte depuis 2011
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Credits : Doaa Eladl (dessin); Fatiha Bouzidi (conception)
ISBN 9782905838865

Since the 2011 uprising in Egypt, gender issues have emerged in various forms within revolutionary or reactionary protest movements and more broadly, in the framework of the social transformations occurring in and around these waves of mobilization.

As relationships between citizens and State authorities have been challenged, altered then pushed back in a reactionary direction, how have gender relationships been contested since 2011? What new imaginations of gender, which new roles and identities have been claimed? What mobilizations have developed to confront the shocking rise of gender-based violence in the politicized public sphere?

Four years after the revolutionary period began, this issue of Égypte/Monde arabe explores new struggles related to gender in Egypt through the lenses of sociology, anthropology and political science. Scholars, experts and/or activists share with us a range of scientific and analytical perspectives, and insider accounts of these struggles and changes, of experience gained and ground lost, based on in-depth fieldwork on sensitive and sometimes transient research objects.

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