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Égypte/Monde arabe is a social sciences journal established by CEDEJ in 1990. The journal’s readers include students, scholars, and others hoping to understand tensions and transformations in the contemporary Middle East, including Egypt. From 1999 to 2003, the journal was co-edited with Complexe Editions. Since 2005, CEDEJ has taken over editing and the journal is printed three times per year by Presses de l’IFAO. The published issues are available in print at CEDEJ in Cairo. Since 2017, latest issues have been sold online at Cairn, while older issues are available at

Latest issue
18 | 2018
Enjeux frontaliers et territoriaux au Sahel et au Moyen-Orient

Border issues and territorial stakes in the Sahel and the Middle East
Edited by Karine Bennafla and Daniel Meier

More than seven years after the birth of the South Sudan State and the beginning of the Arab uprisings, this special issue explores the territorial and border turn in the Middle East. It observes how reshaped territories or borderland regions are managed on the ground which includes the access to their resources.
At the crossroad of fieldwork researches and experiences made in the Middle East and in the Sahel-Sahara zone, the papers collected here mainly focus on administration and control of state’s edges in a rather conflictual or militarised context. The ambition of this volume is to provide key of understanding on ongoing territorial changes, including in a more historical perspective. The volume dedicated space to young researchers’ work.
Most of the contributions show that the border turn that begin with the « Arab Spring » fizzle out and often manifest itself by the reiteration of the old delineations, be there from colonial origins (Sudan) or not (Kurdish autonomous region). Another output tends to show that economic determinants and their actors are playing and continue to play a key role in the reorganization dynamics and territorial control.

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