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Égypte/Monde arabe is a social sciences journal established by CEDEJ in 1990. The journal’s readers include students, scholars, and others hoping to understand tensions and transformations in the contemporary Middle East, including Egypt. From 1999 to 2003, the journal was co-edited with Complexe Editions. Since 2005, CEDEJ has taken over editing and the journal is printed three times per year by Presses de l’IFAO. The published issues are available in print at CEDEJ in Cairo. Since 2017, latest issues have been sold online at Cairn, while older issues are available at

Latest issue
17 | 2018
Everyday Alexandria(s) — Plural experiences of a mythologized city

Alexandrie(s) au quotidien — Expériences plurielles d’une ville mythifiée
Edited by Youssef El Chazli

This issue is devoted to Egypt’s second largest city, Alexandria, which, despite its historical and cultural fame - or because of it - suffers from a serious lack of knowledge. Indeed, apart from the myths and preconceptions that dominate narratives of this Mediterranean city, we know very little about its contemporary and/or everyday dynamics. Bringing together a group of specialists across many disciplines (anthropology, ethnomusicology, history, political science, sociology), this issue is based on empirical studies treating Alexandria in a renewed way, promoting narratives from within instead of the usual images found in the literature.

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