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Note to the authors


EMSCAT publishes only previously unpublished works. Papers submitted to the editorial staff should not be under simultaneous consideration by another journal. After being approved by the editorial board, papers are sent to external reviewers. In the case of special issues placed under the editorial responsibility of a guest editor, the editorial board reserves the right to ask the guest editor for corrections.

It is possible to download papers on line in PDF format from the website

Rules for authors

Authors are required to respect all of these fundamental rules; otherwise the article will be returned to them.

  • Articles may be written in either French or English, but authors whose mother tongue is not English are asked to have their English checked before submitting articles.

  • Authors are required to use TIME NEW ROMAN font, 12 point. This font must be used when first writing the paper.

  • It is imperative for authors using non-European characters (Cyrillic, Chinese, Tibetan, Arabic, etc.) to use a Unicode font and above all to specify which font it is.

  • Write vernacular terms in parentheses & italic text: (bujan)

  • The text should not be automatically formatted, without any tabulation.

  • Headings should be indicated as H1 (level 1 heading), H2, H3 without any change in the font size or typeface.

  • Notes should be footnotes (standard numbering, 1, 2, 3).

  • Centuries should be indicated using numbers: 1st century, 2nd century, 3rd century, 4th century, 20th century.

  • Bibliographic references in the text are to be written as follows: (Lévi-Strauss [1973] 1997, p. 20)

  • The bibliography should appear at the end of the article.

  • Bibliographic entries should be presented as in the following examples, employing full stops, commas and spaces in the same way:

Goldstein, M. C. 1971 Taxation and the structure of a Tibetan village, Central Asiatic Journal, 15, pp. 1-27.
Hocart, A. M. [1936] 1978 Rois et courtisans (Paris, Le Seuil), 379 p.
Hamayon, R. 1995 Pourquoi les « jeux » plaisent aux esprits et déplaisent à Dieu ou le « jeu », forme élémentaire de rituel à partir d’exemples chamaniques sibériens, in G. Thinès et L. de Heusch (éd.), Rites et ritualisation (Paris/Lyon, Vrin/Institut interdisciplinaire d’études épistémologiques), pp. 65-100.
When on-line articles are cited, the date of the last visit to the website should be provided.

  • All illustrations (photographs, tables, graphs, drawings, diagrams, etc.) must be sent in JPEG format in a separate file: 300dpi, 500pixels, accompanied by a caption & credits (author, date, place).
    Illustrations must be royalty-free. If not, the photographer must give a written authorization.
    Indicate in the text the location of illustrations in fluorescent highlighter:
    figure 1. Title (credit, legend, date, place)

  • Provide ten key words (referring to population, geography, subject, etc.), in French & in English, should be provided.

  • Provide an abstract (10 lines max)) in French & in English.

  • The title (and sub-heading) of the article should be given in French & in English.

  • Provide a short biographical note (5 lines max) mentioning affiliation, research subjects, main publications, etc.

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