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The Journal’s Identity

A Multidisciplinary Journal

As a social science periodical, the vocation of Espace Populations Sociétés [Space Populations Societies] is to promote and publish works which cover the three key words comprising its title.

Indeed, the relationships between social, demographic and spatial phenomena, their interconnectedness and their reciprocal feedback in space-time are objects of study for geographers, demographers, sociologists, social psychologists, historians… Outdated academic distinctions have faded in recent decades under the effect of the progressive expansion of their own fields of research; the emergence of new, less empirical, and less descriptive methods; a growing concern with understanding processes and causal links; a greater preoccupation with generalization, globalization and theorization; and a reflection on the public purpose of social sciences.

The understanding of researchers from different disciplinary backgrounds when confronted with current phenomena affecting populations provides an exceptional opportunity for dialogue. For it to be fruitful, however, it requires an explanation of the theoretical framework of each field of research and an elimination of arcane jargon which often conceals a lack of substance in the reflection. There is a need to clarify conceptual frames on which analyses are developed and justify methodological choices which, all too often, strictly monodisciplinary studies fail to do. In bringing together the work of researchers from diverse branches of humanities and social sciences in a single publication, on the same theme, with the requirements which we have just outlined, Espace Populations Sociétés wants to offer a meeting place which allows contributors to conserve the originality of their own discipline’s approach, while participating in vital exchanges amongst neighboring sciences, which is essential for the advancement of knowledge.

An International Journal

Espace Populations Sociétés is also a journal with an international vocation. Approximately half of the articles are written by researchers who are not French.

A Thematic Publication

To reach its objectives, Espace Populations Sociétés has adopted the principle of thematic organization. Each issue includes works bearing on the same theme. These themes are announced two years in advance, allowing the editorial committee sufficient time to assemble and select proposals for articles, and eventually solicit the participation of other collaborators. With respect to academic and technical matters, each issue is overseen by a specialist in the matter discussed who is responsible for the editorial, the bibliography, academic fact sheets and reviews.

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