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Editor’s presentation

Sylvie MATHÉ

This twice yearly electronic journal was launched in 2003 by Professor Joanny Moulin who continued as editor in chief until 2008. The initial format used was pdf documents. In 2008, as from issue number 6.1, E-rea joined the portal and the content of all previous issues, with the exception of some of the book reviews, was reformatted to the portal’s standards and specifications.

E-rea is based in the LERMA, the Laboratory for Study and Research into the “Anglophone World”, which is part of Aix-Marseille University. The journal is one reflection of the work and activity of Lerma members, which is why some issues are the direct result of Lerma-organised symposia.

However E-rea remains an independent entity and, as such, welcomes contributions from the community of Anglo-American and linguistic studies at large, both in France and elsewhere in the world. Hence a fair proportion of our issues presents work assembled by academics affiliated to other centers.

Issues are usually articulated around one (or possibly two) main themes, but at the same time may also carry as many as three texts dealing with other, unrelated topics. Contributions are permanently invited. The journal is also keen to publish the text of lectures delivered by qualified speakers. On occasion, it produces special issues, over and above the twice yearly basis.

All submissions, whether linked or not to a prescribed theme, undergo a process of double, anonymous peer review. E-rea subscribes to no exclusive theoretical or methodological approach. Submissions may be in French or English, unless specific requirements are in place for a given issue.

Book reviews, which are not subject to peer reviewing, may be submitted spontaneously to the review editor.

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