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Notes de la rédaction

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The articles submitted to L’Espace Politique should include the following elements, in the indicated order (compulsory, due to the Lodel software, used for the on-line publishing).

  • Title

  • Author

  • Title (Professor, Ph. D. candidate, etc.)

  • Professional affiliation

  • Email

  • Language of the paper

  • French Abstract

  • French Keywords

  • English title

  • English Abstract

  • Keywords

  • Manuscript text should be written in Times 12, single-spaced without any other style effect than the separation of paragraphs.

  • Bibliographic and/or webographic references

Norms and general recommandations


Since paragraphs are numbered, it is recommended not to multiply them excessively, neither to use too little… The coming back to the beginning of the line to begin a paragraph must be without any tabulation (any style addition will have to be taken off manually!).

Title levels

Organize the text according to two levels of title (1 and 2), avoid using level 3 titles.


Quotations must be placed in specific paragraphs (except for one single sentence or any sentence segment quotations).


Footnotes should bear arabic numbers (1, 2, 3, etc.) and not roman numbers (I, II, III, etc.).


Figures must be numbered and references within the text – example: (fig. 1). Images and maps will be inserted in the word archives, under a JPEG, GIF or PNG format.

Charts and graphics must be inserted as Word tables.


Acronyms must be written in small capitals, without abbreviation points (ONU, MRC, MLCP). At its first mention in the text, the acronym will be put into brackets, following the first use of its signification (with a capital letter for the first word, lower-case letters for the following). Example: European union (EU). For the following mentions, the use of the acronym only will be possible.

Quotation references

Quotation references must be indicated in the text, and not in a footnote. A quotation, or a quotation paragraph, always ends by brackets mentioning (author, year, and page if précised). Ex. (Martin, 2001, p.34); in the case of two or more authors, insert a semicolon between them (Martin, 2001; Smith, 2007).

Bibliographic references

Bibliographic references should be grouped after the text. They will be presented according to the following norms:

  • Book: NAME, First name initial followed by a point, Year, Book title, city, publisher. No indication of page number.

  • Chapter of an edited book: NAME, First name initial followed by a point, Year, Chapter title, in Editor’s name (only the first letter should be written in capital letters), First name initial followed by a point, Book title, City, Publisher, pages (p.xx-yy).

  • Articles: NAME, First name initial followed by a point, Year, « Paper title », Journal name, vol., n°, pages (p.xx-yy.).

  • Web sources: reference at least the name of the web site, [On line] URL address, publishing date, date of consultation.

Zotero style sheet, prepared by our colleague Joel Gomblin, is also available:

Article length

Caution: Articles exceeding 60 000 signs (notes and bibliographic references included) will not be refereed.

Evaluation procedure

The papers sent to the journal undergo a double blind review. In case of conflicting assessment, a third referee can be mobilized.

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