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Selection process

Texts will be submitted to the editor. They are sent directly to him or, sometimes, through a member of the editorial or scientific committee.

The editor-in-chief cleans it up and forwards it - two to three weeks before the Editorial Board meeting - to the members of the board, along with biographical information on the author. In the case of a submission in a language that is not understood by everyone (mainly Italian), it offers a working translation or, at least, a summary in French.

The Editorial Board meets in plenary session and discusses it (absent members send written opinions): see functioning of the Editorial Board.

For texts that are not directly related to historical research (interviews with artists, etc.): the editor-in-chief decides which topics should be covered and the people to whom they are assigned, in conjunction with the members of the editorial board and external experts. The choice is then validated by the Editorial Board. Suggestions or requests should also be sent to the editor, who decides on their relevance according to the same procedure.

The same applies to the reviews.

If the text assigned to an author does not meet the requirements of the journal, the editor-in-chief and the expert suggest changes, which, for the time being, has always resulted in a text that could be published.

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