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That being places limits on the discourse through which we establish ourselves in its horizon is not the negation of hermeneutic activity: instead it is the condition for it. If we were to assume that everything can be said of being, the adventure of continuously questioning it would no longer have any sense. It would suffice to talk about it randomly. Continuous questioning appears reasonable and human precisely because it is assumed that there is a Limit.
Umberto Eco, Kant and the Platypus, 2000, p. 50

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Bibliographical reference

Epigraph Section OneRivista di estetica, 76 | 2021, 37.

Electronic reference

Epigraph Section OneRivista di estetica [Online], 76 | 2021, Online since 01 May 2021, connection on 28 July 2021. URL:; DOI:

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