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Masthead Headline Story

Traduction de Lysa Hochroth
p. 7-10
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Georges Balandier founded the Cahiers d'Études africaines. This reminder might appear incongruous, given how obvious a statement that is for both the authors and readers of our journal. Nevertheless, for reasons related to the archaeology of the review, at some point, during changes between editorial teams and cover designs, some of the founding members seemingly disappeared from the journal's masthead and Balandier appears as member of the “Comité de direction” or Steering Committee whose function no longer matched any specific role. Over time, through various transitions, these vague categories were mechanically reproduced from issue to issue.

In the first lines of his introduction to the fiftieth anniversary issue of the Cahiers, Jean-Loup Amselle pays homage to Georges Balandier as founder of the review, recalling the “articulation between political engagement and scientific practice,” which had given the initial impulse to the journal, in a context of hopefulness for the liberat...

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« Masthead Headline Story », Cahiers d’études africaines [En ligne], 225 | 2017, mis en ligne le 01 avril 2017, consulté le 21 juin 2018. URL :

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