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230 | 2018
Photographies contestataires, usages contestés

Couverture Cahiers d’Études africaines, 2018, numéro 230
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ISBN 978-2-7132-2742-4

Through its colonial usage, photography in Africa has been an instrument of scientific objectification, population and identity control, and coercition through images. Where do we stand today in terms of resistance and freedom through photography?
Half-torn, effaced, almost illegible, figures from the past re-emerge in retouched images that are recomposed and re-staged for present-daystruggles. This issue highlights the extraordinary malleability of photographic materials. In the digital age, a growing need for re-appropriating historic images is conveyed by the multiple ways photographs are re-circulating, being re-used, and transforming, often at odds with the original intentions of their producers.

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