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The Balkan Peninsula has been since Antiquity a zone of transition, meeting and confrontation among the great political and cultural configurations which have occupied this area. In these regards, the reception of the Byzantine patrimony has functioned as cultural cement especially since the Orthodox Church, henceforth sole guardian of the romano-byzantine tradition, found itself bestowed with the task of maintaining the cohesion of the Christian populations following the Ottoman conquest and the extinction of Christian political entities in the Balkans. These disseminated Christian communities generated local popular cultures in a constant dialog with this heritage appropriated by local brokers. The studies united in this volume would like to initiate a comparative study of these brokers and the practice of cultural brokerage and mediation.

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Bibliographical reference

Boško Bojović, « Introduction », Études balkaniques, 4 | 1997, 5-16.

Electronic reference

Boško Bojović, « Introduction », Études balkaniques [Online], 4 | 1997, Online since 08 April 2009, connection on 14 August 2022. URL :

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Boško Bojović

E.H.E.S.S.-P.R.I. Pierre Belon

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